What are fusion hair extensions and how to apply Sally extension?

What are fusion hair extensions and how to apply Sally extension?

If you are in hunt for long lasting hair extension, then fusion hair extensions are a suitable choice. When it comes to hair extension, you may attach it by using several methods like sewing, tubing, gluing or clipping. Choosing a suitable technique is dependent on hair condition, lifestyle, needs and the budget. Those who are not comfortable with ready-made extension, they can choose fusion extension. This is also suitable for those feeling that the hair extension can fall out.

If maintained properly and applied by a professional, the extension can last for more than 6 months. The best part is that the extension resembles natural hair extension and here lies the beauty. As the name suggests, this extension is bonded onto the hair with fusion bonding. Here the extension is fused onto the natural hairs with keratin protein. Strand by strand fusion takes place. The professional then attaches the weft to the hair roots with a bonding glue and heated adhesive stick designed specifically for this kind of fusing.

The techniques used for hair fusion

Two different techniques are used for fusing hair extension. The hair extension may be either cold or hot. When it is hot fusion, the extension is just attached to the hair by using the hot glue. This treatment may last for more than 3 months. Although the hot fusion is popular but many people complain about the stiffness that is attained and the unnatural look it gives to the hair. Designed similarly to the hot fusion, cold fusion has a lot gentler impact on the hair. The cold fusion makes use of keratin-based polymer which is attached to the roots of the hair. If you have thin or fine hair, cold fusion is meant for you. But then, cold fusion extension will last for 6 months. Since hot and cold fusion extensions last for long time, they are more expensive than other kinds of hair weavings.

Steps on adding Sally extension

  • Hold the section of Sally’s extension since it comes connected with seams to allow you cut the remaining hair.
  • Take a section of hair from the back and just clip it up.
  • Apply the glue to the hair seam and make straight line from it. Make sure the glue does not run to the hair.
  • Now, pull the extension to the scalp without gluing onto other hair. This will prevent the hair from getting pulled out at the time of removing the extension.

Once all the steps for sally hair extensions are done, you have to pull down the hair. Use a blower and blow high for 45 seconds. Add extra layers of hairs, if you want thick tresses.