Best ways to choose your sunglasses

Best ways to choose your sunglasses

Choosing a right pair of Ray Ban sunglasses is really a difficult task altogether. Which color to choose, Brand to follow, UV-rays protection, polarized lens and many more.

To end up your query, follow the below simple steps-

  1. When you go to any shop or buy online, select sunglasses shapes that looks great on your face. Sort them out and then follow the next action

  2. Some of the most common shapes are: Aviator, Wayfarers/Spicolis, Wraparounds, Oversize & Teashades.

  • Aviator or Teardrop-shaped lens are most common these days and are mainly popular in military, policemen, pilots, law maker in US. It goes well with any face but looks great on oval-shaped face.

  • Wayfarers/Spicolis also known as Audrey Hepburn’s sunglasses because he wore it in movie Breakfast at Tiffany and got a lot of acclamation. This style got most famous in the 1950s and 1960s. It looks great both with oval-shaped & square-shaped face.

  • Wraparounds is mostly dominated shaped among sports lover and athletes.

  • Oversized sunglasses symbolizes style with attitude. It compliment both diamond-shaped and square-shaped face. Most famous among models, movie-star and celebrities.

  • Teashades sunglasses blend nicely with strong jaw line with wide cheekbones and even goes well with rounded shaped faces.

  1. One can go with Mirrorshades as well. Because of its mirrored coating, it gives an upstanding look to your face. It looks great in Aviator and Wraparounds shape.

  2. If you are an outdoor person, then don’t compromise with polarized glasses/lenses, as its specialized filter reduces glare. The polarized glasses cuts glare and even allow one to see hazy-day landscape with much ease. This is most popular among sportsperson or those enjoy outdoor games and water sports.

  3. UV protected sunglasses are must to carry. These harmful UV rays especially UVB rays cause skin burning and harm retina. If the glasses have poor UV protection, then there is major chance of eyes damage. In polycarbonate glasses/lenses, UV rays absorbs 99% and thus it helps to protect your eyes. Check before you buy.

  4. Color glasses are most-in these days. You can wear Dior sunglasses that matches with your dress or shoes. It is very popular and helps to add style to your look. There are some benefits of wearing color glasses as well- brown tint helps to give a warm glow that makes a world around beautiful., gray glasses helps to reduce light intensity, green/blue/red color are great for snow or water sports, whereas a combination of green and black is great for pilot or speed-lovers.

  5. Above all, make sure your sunglasses fits properly. Don’t buy anything that look too big or small on your face.