Top 12 Hair Coloring Tips

Top 12 Hair Coloring Tips

There are some coloring tips you hear at hair salons specializing in color treatments. They are important than you think. You might have heard them at a hair extensions salon. Here are some of those tips:

  1. It Will Not Happen Overnight

If you want a complete change of color, it is not something which you can do overnight. Getting the right color will take some time and a lot of patience. It may take various visits to hair salons specializing in color treatments.

  1. The Effects of Using Heating Tools

Frequent usage of heating tools can fade the color. It is better if you use blow dryer than a straightener or a curler. Because in this way your hair will not be affected by the direct heat. If you want to really extend the life of your hair color, you have to limit heat styling. It is better if you use a heat resistant spray before blow drying your hair.

  1. If You Want a Major Change, Go to a Salon

There are things which you can do at home, but for some things, you have to consult a professional. If you want a major change in your hair color, you have to go to a salon. And if you use extensions, hair extensions salon it the best way for a healthy color change.

  1. Test a Strand First

To save yourself from shock, it is better that you test a strand first. You may not get the exact same result as on the box, which can be a serious setback. Try to test the dye on a strand of hair near your neck. Leave the dye for the indicated time and check the results. If you are satisfied, you can apply the color on oil your hair.

  1. Don’t Trust the Color on the Box

You may not always get the same color that is on the dye box. It depends if you have virgin hair and if you have lighter hair color than the one on the dye box. If you have black hair, the brown hair dye may not give the same results. For that purpose, you have to select a different shade (probably darker) to get the results.

  1. If You Want Permanent Color, Choose Darker Shades

If you want a permanent color or even if you want to make the color last a little longer, you have to choose darker shades. The lighter shades will fade away quickly and you will need to re-dye your hair. If you want to cover grey hair, it is best to apply darker shades so that you will not have to touch up soon.

  1. Use Two Boxes of Hair Dye

If you have shoulder length hair, which are dry, use two boxes of color. So that you cover all of your hair thoroughly.

  1. Coloring the Ends

The ends of your hair pick up the color faster. It is better if you apply the color at the end before 5 minutes of washing it off. The result will be even shade on all your hair. If you color the ends at the same time, your hair color will be different at the roots and at the ends.

  1. Water Massage Before Washing

Before rinsing off the hair dye, spray some water on your head and massage gently. In this way, you will have even colored hair. There will be no different strands or highlights. The hair extensions salon uses this technique with extensions too.

  1. Protect Your Skin

Apply a little Vaseline on your ears and on your forehead. In this way, even if you apply the dye on your skin, it will not leave any stains.

  1. Use a Shower Cap

It is quite impossible to sit idle after applying hair dye. When you have applied it, wear a shower cap. In this way you can do all other household chores without disturbing the dye.

  1. Protect the Color Before Swimming

As advised by hair salons specializing in color, apply coconut oil to your colored hair before going for a swim. The chlorine present in pool water can affect the color. That is why coconut oil will act as a shield on your hair color, and minimize the chances of discoloration.