What haircuts make hair look thicker?

What haircuts make hair look thicker?

Ladies fret not if you are born with naturally thin hair. There are a few hairstyles that will give the illusion of fuller hair. Those with fine hair should always opt for shoulder length or shorter hair. Just find a hair salon and get the apt hairstyle.

Trendy hairstyles for trendy girls

BANGS If the hair is thinner at the crown but thick in the front, go for bangs. You can also take a small section of your hair underneath the bangs and give two different dark shades than the rest of your hair color. When the top layer of the fringe falls on these colored strands, the hair will appear thick because of the color. If you have shoulder length hair, try a layered look with one length cut with blunt bangs.

LAYERED HAIR – If you have shoulder length hair, give it angled layers hairstyle to suit your face. Start layering your hair from the cheekbones. Two to three layers are good enough for hair that is till mid back. You can also shorten half an inch of the under layer hair compared to the top layer. This will make the hair look thick. Do not use a razor because it can give frayed ends which will make hair look thinner. Also, those with thin hair should keep the ends blunt.

BOB CUT – A blunt cut with the length of the hair till the chin can add volume. You can ask your hair stylist to cut your hair in long layers in front and sides and keep the back shorter. Remember while blow drying, use the paddle brush which will lift the roots of the hair and give it more volume.

PIXIE CUT – To get an edgier look, try a pixie cut. It creates texture and tousled effect which makes hair look fuller. You can either go for short, textured, edgy and forward, disconnected A-Line pixie cuts. A low maintenance hair cut, it is best for those who have thin hair at the crown or back of their head.

SIDE SWEPT BANGS – To cover large foreheads, side-swept is a good option. Get medium layers for the hair at the back of your head and shorter layers at the sides. Go for a side-swept bang which is not too thin and blunt. This will make hair look thick and bouncy.

SHORT CURLS – It will work best on shorter hairstyles. Just wrap small segments of your hair with 1-inch curling iron.

Find a great hairstylist

If you have thin hair, it is important that you visit a celebrity hairstylist to find out which hairstyle will make your hair look thicker.