How to decide which haircut will suit your face?

How to decide which haircut will suit your face?

The quality of your haircut will impact your overall attractiveness quotient in a big way. Haven’t you always wished to look glamorous and attractive like the models sporting perfect hairstyles in the fashion glossies? However, trying out trends blindly is not going to help because the hairstyle has to suit your facial structure and overall appearance. Here are a few tips which will help you choose the best hairstyle for your face.

Learn to highlight your best features

The trick to choosing the perfect hairstyle for your face is to learn to highlight your best features. Examine your face closely to determine what you think your best feature is. For example if you have pretty lips you should get your hair cut in layers to draw attention to the lower portion of your face. Similarly if you have an aristocratic nose a shorter hairstyle which draws attention to the graceful arch of your nose will be more appropriate

Camouflage your facial flaws

The trick with hairstyles is that they can be used to hide your not so pretty features as well. A broad forehead can be effectively hidden by a front fringe while a heavy jaw can be camouflaged by adding some volume to the crown of the hair. An expert hairstylist working in a professional salon can easily help you select the best hairstyle suited for your face. Always make sure that you maintain your hairstyle by going in for regular trims every month.

Work with your hair texture

Your hair texture is not going to change overnight whatever be your dream hairstyle. If you have curly locks then it’s no use poring over pictures of silken bobs and poker straight ponytails. Hair texture has to be worked with and not worked against. Harsh chemical processes that seek to dramatically change the texture of the hair will only damage your hair for good. Contact a professional salon who will show you a variety of looks that will suit your hairstyle.

Experiment with layers and asymmetrical cuts

Layers work really great on straight and fine hair as it adds volume. Asymmetrical cuts on the other hand bring out the best in wavy hair. Fringes work for most face types as long as they are used to hair highlight the best feature of the face. The trick to decide on the perfect hairstyle is to work on different looks before arriving on one which suits you the best.