Antique Rugs – Purchasing Tips

Antique Rugs – Purchasing Tips

Antique rugs are extremely popular among the large variety of rugs available these days. They could vary in terms of style, art, size, and colorization. However, their valuation never diminishes. You can buy antique rugs online. They resemble the days of bygone era. These days, the antique rugs available in antique or curio stores are mostly purchased for decorative purpose. These are placed as wall hanging in large hallways. There are also those that enjoy their show in the museum galleries. Antique rugs are referred primarily to those rugs that have been made before the 19th century AD.

Why these rugs are so popular

Antique rugs were mostly hand-woven by local artisans from Central part of Asia. They feature some of the rarest artworks that have become obsolete these days. These rugs were prepared from 100% pure silk and cattle wool. These materials ensure that the rugs enjoy long lasting durability. These rugs come with rich set of designing works and have become quite popular items for floor decoration purpose. They could be used to decorate the walls, ceilings, as well as the floors of home interiors and offices spaces.

Types of antique rugs

There are different kinds of antique rugs available. The most common variants are Oriental and Persian.

Oriental rugs are primarily prepared in and around the eastern part of Asia, most notably China and Eastern part of Himalayas. They come with unique set of designing and color combination. Then, there are the Persian rugs that are also popular not only because of their designing but also for the fact that they are totally non-machine made. Yes, they are totally hand-woven. This makes them extremely expensive. There are also other variants like European and Anatolian rugs available. Whatever may be the selection, each of these rugs come in different set of style and color combination.

Maintaining antique rugs

It could be quite difficult to maintain the antique rugs. These are highly expensive items. Proper care must be taken to ensure they remain free from dirt and debris. Visit a reputed antique rug store in Virginia to find the best rugs available. While you purchase the rug, the store keeper would explain to you about the maintenance part of the item. There are special powders and brushes available to clean the rugs at regular intervals. Dusting is essential to keep the rug out from dirt. Use the special brush for this purpose. However, the powder must be used once in every two or three months.