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  • Everything you need to know about hair color correction
    8:07 AM

    Hair coloring is trending more than ever. Every girl is visiting hair color studio to get a fancy hair color. It is because a simple hair color change has the capability of changing entire look. With the help of hair coloring it is possible to go blonde from brunette or brunette from blonde overnight. But

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  • What haircuts make hair look thicker?
    8:56 AM

    Ladies fret not if you are born with naturally thin hair. There are a few hairstyles that will give the illusion of fuller hair. Those with fine hair should always opt for shoulder length or shorter hair. Just find a hair salon and get the apt hairstyle. Trendy hairstyles for trendy girls BANGS – If

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  • Best ways to choose your sunglasses
    3:29 PM

    Choosing a right pair of Ray Ban sunglasses is really a difficult task altogether. Which color to choose, Brand to follow, UV-rays protection, polarized lens and many more. To end up your query, follow the below simple steps- When you go to any shop or buy online, select sunglasses shapes that looks great on your

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  • Top 12 Hair Coloring Tips
    1:50 AM

    There are some coloring tips you hear at hair salons specializing in color treatments. They are important than you think. You might have heard them at a hair extensions salon. Here are some of those tips: It Will Not Happen Overnight If you want a complete change of color, it is not something which you

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  • Seriously Cute Hairstyles for Curly Hair
    6:07 PM

    Every so often we want a completely new appearance. The most easy spot to begin is our hair in hair salon for girls. So whether you’re seeking a completely new colour, a cut that is courageous fresh, an opportunity to go from long to short or just wish to try a number of levels. Snazzy

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  • Color your hair like celebrity
    5:22 AM

    Getting your hair colored by celebrity hairstylist is one of the very desired things since most coloring products have given buyers the impression that hair

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  • The simplest keratin treatment guide
    6:34 AM

    If you are wondering what the secret behind so many women’s smooth and shiny hair is, the answer is keratin treatment. Keratin treatments are becoming more and more popular day by day, and why wouldn’t it? The process works as a magic to transform your frizzy hair into silky smooth hair. This is why many

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  • Polarized sunglasses: The superb way to reduce the reflecting glare
    11:42 AM

    Polarized sunglasses are a fabulous way of blocking and combating the glares. In the everyday life glares are pretty common and involve the light reflected from shinier and smoother surfaces. You can shop for the polarized sunglasses for men and women from the online stores. Polarized light is the concentration of light waves which move

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  • Hair Straightening Salons – Know the Common Hair Straightening Methods
    2:23 PM

    Hairstyling is a form of vanity that’s typically attached with all women. Straight hair is the most famous hairstyle seen in most women today. Majority of women settle with this type of hairstyle because of its simplicity and being extremely manageable. The idea of having shiny long and frizz free hair made women with curly

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  • How to decide which haircut will suit your face?
    9:40 AM

    The quality of your haircut will impact your overall attractiveness quotient in a big way. Haven’t you always wished to look glamorous and attractive like the models sporting perfect hairstyles in the fashion glossies? However, trying out trends blindly is not going to help because the hairstyle has to suit your facial structure and overall

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