How to style, long hair extensions

How to style, long hair extensions

Hair extensions have always been every woman’s favorite hair accessory. Whether you have short, medium or long hair it doesn’t matter. These hair extensions add volume as well as length to the existing hair and provide a new look and life to ones pale and dry hair, and more than that they present a natural look.

But many of us face trouble styling our hair with long hair extensions, as they tangle easily and as an individual (without any experience earlier) it becomes little tedious to style them at home. As getting the extensions done at the parlor can cost one a bomb. Hence before anything a thorough research about hair extensions will help a lot.
Read along to find out the best and easy ways to handle this essential hair accessory.

Step 1: First understand the different kinds of hair extensions available. Like Clip-in hair extensions, Human hair extensions etc. If possible consult the beautician next door regarding it.

Step 2: Generally if you are not doing it at a parlor go for clip-in hair extensions, as these are easier to work on. But never clip them too tightly to you scalp as they can damage both your hair and scalp.

Step 3: Take a water spray bottle and damp your hair. Make sure you damp the entire hair. Then take a hair brush and spray hair mousse on it and brush it throughout for better consistency. One can also go for texturing spray if you are out of mousse.

Step 4: Then blow-dry your hair. Do not keep the dryer too close to your hair initially. Gradually take it closer, but make sure the mouth of the dryer is small so that your hair does not get tangled. Also note that while blow drying your hair, the extensions have blended well with your natural hair and are fastened well.

Step 5: Those who opt for human hair extensions, smooth your hair with a flat iron on your extensions as well as natural hair once the hair is dry. To provide a richer look.

Step 6: After this if you find your hair frizzy and untamed, then dab on some styling wax or hair mousse over your ironed hair. Then brush your hair properly to leave a smooth and refined finish.

You can also look for a local hair salon or a beautician regarding this.