How To Ruin Your Own Wedding Day

How To Ruin Your Own Wedding Day

You spend a lot on your wedding day from giving a good amount to tent rentals to paying a lot to the stylist for creating your dreamy look. If you don’t want all of these efforts to go waste then avoid following things on your wedding day.

Wedding planning tips

  1. Don’t Try to Be the Super Bride/Groom

Worried about all the arrangements? Worried about whether the party planning service has sent their team or not? Well, there are lots of people who would be willing to help you in your wedding preps. Accept the offers from your trusted ones and get yourself relaxed and enjoy some selfcare otherwise you would be one dull bride/groom on the day of your wedding.

  1. Plan an Easily Reachable Destination

Destination weddings can sound very beautiful and dreamy, but you should also think about your guests that everyone especially the close ones would be able to come? There are so many beautiful places where you can plan your wedding and they can be easily reached by everyone.

  1. Don’t DIY Anything

It is good to do things your own self but not for your wedding. There are many brides who sew their dress their own self and grooms who make decoration stuff on a DIY basis just to save some money. Spend wisely on your wedding, there are many tent rentals or party rentals that provide you with wedding decorations and complete guidance about locations and themes according to your desires and there are very well skilled tailors or designers who can make your dress more fascinating than your expectations.

  1. Neither Skip a Meal nor Eat Too Much

To avoid getting faint due to hunger you need to stop skipping your meals prior to your wedding day. Whereas, eating does not mean that you can eat everything at any time. Don’t skip any meal but eat healthy things in a limited quantity, don’t overfill yourself as you are the main person on the day of your wedding and you can’t afford to get sick beforehand your big day for which you have been waiting for years.

  1. Don’t Try to Please the Guests and Don’t Be Too Selfish

Avoid spending too much time in talking to the people you don’t want to. However, you should greet everyone so that no one complains about not being attended. Spend more time with your close ones as wedding is once in a lifetime experience and you don’t want to miss out precious moments with your close friends and family. Keep a balance and make your wedding day even more joyous and memorable.

  1. Don’t Spend All of Your Time on Your Phone

Spending time with your family and friends who are attending and celebrating your big day is more important than scrolling your feed or posting pictures of your wedding dress or venue. You would definitely not want to disappoint or upset your guests by doing so. So, avoid wasting your time on your phone and enjoy every moment live with all the lovely people around.

  1. Don’t Expect to Get Gift from Everyone

You might see some guests coming along all alone without any gift of something on your wedding day which can make you quite upset that is the reason why you should not expect anything from anyone as your happy mood would be really important on your big day. There might also be some people who you wouldn’t expect to bring anything, but they would bring some gifts or even a card. Expect the unexpected on that day.

  1. Don’t Exercise Too Much

If you exercise on a regular basis then you might need to stop working out for a few days before your wedding as you would not like to get your muscle pulled or being injured by any means at any cost. However, you can do some light exercises which do not have any risk of being injured.

Don’t forget to take help from party rentals or tent rentals NY and by everyone who are offering you help happily. Also, avoid the following things as it would be so heartbreaking if you ruin your day by doing any of the above-mentioned things.