Why my Air Conditioner is blowing warm air?

Why my Air Conditioner is blowing warm air?

Once considered a luxury item, air conditioners are an intrinsic part of our life. Throughout sweltering days, the air conditioner keeps the room cool. But, what happens when Air Conditioner does not function in a desirable manner and demands ac repair? What if it starts blowing warm air? The problem could be a simple malfunction or not taking necessary precaution.

Why your Air Conditioner is blowing warm air?

Check the settings first:

Sometimes it could be just a human error. The AC setting could be the reason for warm air. You could have selected heat instead of cool. Setting it on heat mode ensures that you receive warm air. You just have to switch back to cool mode.

Clogged air filter:

A dirty air filter might not be the main reason for hot air blowout, but it can compromise the cooling. The air filters are usually cheap and can be easily replaced. If the air filters are left dirty, the dust emanating from it can block the condensing coils. The dust could also become the severe cause of problems such as frequent cold, dust allergy, and respiratory problems, etc. Dirty filters can also make the pipes bringing cold water to get colder till they freeze.

Refrigerant issues:

Leaks and problems in the compressor can lead to refrigerant of AC that can end the cooling of air. This happens due to less or no refrigerant charge. The accumulation of ice on the condenser in both exterior and interior unit can result in hot air blow out. It is best addressed by a professional.

Examine the condenser and compressor:

If the AC settings are fine, then check the condenser and the compressor which is placed outside. Ensure the outside power supply is switched on; otherwise it will not cool. Check for any limitations on the air flow. Ensure there is the accumulation of dirt or debris on the condenser coils as it can impact the cooling system. The condenser coil needs to be cleaned before and after summer. The compressor can be considered as the engine of the AC that undergoes a lot of wear and tear during the summer season. If there is reduced refrigerant or airflow problems, the compressor can get overheated and AC might not work efficiently.

However, if self-assessment is not helping you solve the problem, then contact a professional ac technician or the AC servicing company to resolve the blowing of warm air from your Air Conditioner.