4 Types of Wooden Interior Shutters You Can Choose for Your Home

4 Types of Wooden Interior Shutters You Can Choose for Your Home

Indoor shutters keep rooms insulated and temperature controlled naturally. When it comes to window shutters shop, wood is a popular choice. You can find wood to be a common option for the construction of shutters for windows. Take a look at 4 of the common types of wood that are recommended to be used in homes.


This is a perfect choice for some homes. It mills well and has a nice finish, due to the fact that the wood is extremely soft and can be scratched or dented with ease. It can be a good idea to use this wood for interior window treatments, given that it can resist decay and bugs very well. Even with small amount of maintenance, you can make the shutters last for a long time.


This is a good enough choice for the construction of shutters. It is a moderately heavy wood, and it would be good to use it in case the finished shutter is painted. However, the mineral streaks and the green color in the wood do not allow convenient staining. Although the quality of this type of shutter is on the lower side, the wood has a lower cost and can easily be obtained.


This kind of wood is used in numerous products for homes and buildings, and is often a fixture in many types of furnishings. This is very soft in type and you can choose from many grades of pine wood. However, it does not top the list of woods that are a priority for the construction of shutters for windows.


It is undoubtedly one of the best varieties of wood, and you can find this kind of tree primarily on the East Coast of the North America. The wood grows in Canada, Quebec, Delaware and even as far western areas as Eastern Kentucky. The trees tend to grow more than 65 feet in average height. This type of wood is managed renewable resource, and the manner in which basswood trees are harvested tends to balance the growth of new trees when others are removed wood. The plantation shutters made of this type of wood happens to be very straight, and come with a uniform texture and an indistinct grain. Shutters made of basswood come with an indistinct and fine grain, and can be stained easily to achieve a nice finish. These can also be mounted with a lot of convenience.