How often should I practice basketball if I want to become a star?

How often should I practice basketball if I want to become a star?

This is probably the most sort after query among basketball lover who wants to excel in this profession. How often you should play and in what direction is very important to learn. A good basketball training camp or a professional basketball coach will bring out best in you. Channelizing your energy in wrong direction will not lead you to anywhere. A proper knowledge and guidance is required to be a star performer.

  • More Practice: “Practice makes perfect”, this has a great value. To be excellent in any field, one need practice and dedication towards it. If you aspire to become a professional basketball player, you need to devote a good amount of time to this game. You should indulge into practice as much as you can each day. The more you practice the better you will turn out to be as a player and subsequently as star.
  • Increase Strength: To practice more, you need stamina and strength to stretch your body to that maximum level where you wouldn’t feel playing any game as compulsion or load. You will enjoy it instead. Sometimes, we have witnessed that although out targets are high, but when we start our journey towards it, we collapse and divert from our path because our body do not support us. To over come it, not only will-power, but we need many other things to keep our body going and working rigorously to achieve that perfection in a game. It is important to strengthen your strengths and work hard on your weaknesses in a practice session. Now you can dream to be among one- Kyle Korver or Ben Wallace ?
  • Be active Member: Simply being part of game will not work in your favor, you need to be active member all the time. Take charges as it works a defensive stop and help you and your team wins the game. Always play as tough defensive player, shut down opposing players (but don’t be deliberately physical), a coach will definitely find a solid reason to get you on the court. Always ask your coach to teach you about your weaknesses and on which area you need to workout on during the off-season.
  • Learn to be Team- Player: On the court field, one not only learn how to play but also learn how to work in a team and win. Since this game is team-based, hence good coordination and respect among players and coach leads team to a great height and success. Peer fight will definitely not help you. If you are really interested in taking out your aggression, then take it out against your team on the court through playing as a strong team player and in positive spirit. Put your team goal before your personal goals, you will turn out to be a player that all basketball coaches and teammates love to be associated with.


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