Why remove big trees in your backyard before storm season?

Why remove big trees in your backyard before storm season?

Storm season and tree removal is a nightmare for all of us. Many homeowners wonder if big trees in their backyard can withstand the season or not. Should it stay or should it go? Destruction of a good tree can result in ‘chainsaw backlash’ – needlessly removing a tree which could have given cleaner air, water, conserve soil, shade, increase property value too. Fallen trees, power outages, broken limbs, can damage the property during a storm.

Not all big trees need to be cut down. Certain species are prone to storm damage compared to others because of weak structure, weak wood or poor roots. Specimen trees like elm, oak, maple should be removed because they have a poor root locking system. Even trees like Orchid, Tabebuia, Cassia, Acacia can be dangerous.

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Improper pruning of trees before a storm can result in hasty and improper care of the tree. Pruning thins down the tree canopy that allows the wind to blow through as opposed to against it. Get an arborist to check for damages in big trees before deciding to remove it.

  • Cracks in the trunk or limbs – Deep cuts from the bark spread to the wood.
  • Dead wood – If the tree is dead, it can fall anytime.
  • Decay – Big trees can have cavities which can be hazardous.
  • Weak branches – If branches are growing closer to one another and the bark is growing between them, the bark will not hold the branches together.
  • Heavy canopy – Excessive thick branches and foliage can catch more wind during a storm which can result in breaking off the branches and uprooting.
  • Cankers – When fungi attack the stem or branches, it means the bark has decayed.
  • Root problems – If the tree does not have a strong root system, it can get uprooted or easily blown off.
  • Leaning of the tree – If the tree is leaning on one side or the branches are growing out of proportion, it indicates weak structure.

The arborist will also look out for multiple trunks, called as ‘included bark’; are the branches touching the house or dangling over the roof and the age of the tree before removing it.

Beware of branches hanging above or closer to the power lines. The trees and limbs can get entangled in utility lines during storm season. When tree branches come in contact with live electrical wires, the tree carries electricity and can be dangerous.

Contact a certified DC tree service company or a tree service company who will help you remove big trees in your backyard before hurricane hits your city.