Tips to plan a perfect wedding

Tips to plan a perfect wedding

While planning the wedding, keep this in mind

While planning the wedding there are things to know. After all, who in the world like to have their big day ruined! To make your wedding day a memorable day it is important to make sure that everything is under control. Even the most on top of things and smartest couple can make mistakes during planning the wedding. Here are the things you should maintain an eye on before saying “I do”. To have a memorable and elegant wedding, check out the secrets to plan a perfect wedding.

Secrets for planning an ideal wedding

  1. The guests: The most important part of the wedding is the guests. Make a clear list of people you are inviting to the wedding before choosing the wedding venue. So that you can choose a place capable to handle the amount of people you are inviting.
  2. Take one step at a time: Make a wedding planning timetable and do things one by one, in a reasonable order, so you do not take on too much or too fast and end up with the whole thing snowballing.
  3. Plan the meal: Choose the food items for your wedding properly. Make sure the food you choose is acceptable by your guest. Do not forget to taste the food before hiring the catering service.
  4. The decorations: The main attraction of a wedding is the decoration; it is what makes your wedding memorable. You can plan a themed wedding or else you can plan a color theme wedding. But do not choose a too fancy or childish theme.
  5. Tend the bar: You need a bartender to handle at least 50 guests at a time, but if you are serving a drink which takes time to be prepared, please do make sure you hire extra bartenders for the work as you do not want your guest to wait too long to enjoy the drinks.
  6. The arrangements: Do make sure that you have enough seats and tables for your guest. And if you are planning an outdoor wedding make sure you have hired enough wedding tent rentals, so that none of your guest is roasted because of the heat.

The wedding planner: It is not possible to plan everything by yourself an expert advice is necessary to make sure nothing is left out. Even a minor mistake can ruin your day. It is better that you hire a wedding planner to plan a perfect wedding.