Pros and cons of renting a moonbounce

Pros and cons of renting a moonbounce

From air-filled castles, houses and slides to mini golf course, moonbounce rental have become a must-have at birthday parties, family reunions, corporate events, outdoor picnics, etc.

 Pros of renting a moonbounce

  • A moonbounce is made of lead-free and fire-resistant PVC Vinyl which is safe for children and adults. The products come a safety net, making it easy for parents to supervise and they can relax with their friends and take a peek from time to time as to what their children are doing.
  • Hiring a moonbounce product can provide entertainment for hours. Jumping or playing in a moonbounce easily puts a smile on the young and adults.
  • Moonbounce rentals can help you lose weight. Research says that jumping for 30 minutes can easily burn 300 calories. The best way to get children and adults to move around as quickly as possible. Also, no food and drink are allowed.
  • With children, it can be sometimes a daunting task to get a party idea that will work for both boys and girls. Moonbounce rentals have products that not only cater to specific age group and gender, but also products that are liked by everyone.
  • There are products catering to different themes – Mickey Mouse to Super bowl to water slides to a driving range. They come in various shapes and sizes. They also come in bright colors – red, yellow, blue, etc.
  • It is low maintenance, good quality, durable, clean, safe and budget friendly.
  • Since they are inflatables, it can be stored anywhere. Just roll up like a sleeping bag and fit within a 2 foot square area.
  • Organizing events can be stressful. Party specialists with these inflatables will handle everything from set up to removing it once the party is over. It just takes 15 to 30 minutes to set up.
  • They are easy to set up. Simply unroll, attach a blower and it can be inflated within few minutes.
  • Moonbounce products use minimal electricity. In fact, hair dryer consumes more electricity than a moonbounce.
  • Moonbounce can help break from the standard party events.


Cons of renting a moonbounce

  • Since moonbounces are very popular, reservations should be made in advance, may be weeks or even months.
  • Organizing an event on weekdays can be a bit expensive as workers will be paid extra for getting them to work on weekends.
  • One has to pay non-refundable security deposit to hold reservation. When one places an order, it means the rental company has put aside the inventory for that day and cannot re-rent.

To know more about the pros and cons of moonbounce, contact the nearest party rental services.