How To Add Second Floor To An Existing House

How To Add Second Floor To An Existing House

Adding a second floor to your existing house assuredly a daunting process for which you definitely need help from the home remodeling architects.

Tips when Adding Second Floor To An Existing House

Here is a complete guide for you on how to add second floor to your house.

  1. Take Approval from the Authorities

Before you start the construction work of an additional floor to your house, make sure you visit the zoning office and take permissions. If there are more double story houses in your neighborhood then there is no need to ask whether you are allowed to add another floor or not but if there aren’t then taking permission from the authorities asap should be your top priority because building a new floor if it is not permitted in your area would cause you serious trouble and financial damage.

  1. Consult an Architect Builder

Adding a whole new floor to your house is something you can never do yourself. So, consult an expert architect builder and discuss your requirements and plan with him/her. Your architect builder would visit your house, inspect the place and total area in order to check whether your required design can be made or not.

  1. Make a Proper Plan for Everything

As you are adding a new floor to your house then you might be shifting some rooms from the ground floor to the new floor as well. Make sure you have proper plan and idea of how much rooms in how much space you require. Also, make a list of things that you need to alter in your main i.e. ground floor as you must be doing so in order to get extra space so utilize the space in an organized manner to make your house neat, clean and uncluttered. You can also call home remodeling architects to renovate your lower floor.

  1. Clean Your Attic Before the Construction Starts

When you are living in a single-story house, your attic must be full of miscellaneous unnecessary things and when the construction of your new floor is being started, the home remodeling architects would tell the builders to raise the attic’s roof. But before that, you would need to clean all the things from your attic in short, you would have to empty it as construction work itself has its own mess and if you don’t draw your things out of there, they will get damaged a lot from the dust and debris. Cleaning your attic would also help you in eliminating the extra stuff that is of no use and taking so much space in your house.

  1. Be Prepared for Some Additional Costs

Adding a whole new floor to your house is not an inexpensive task. You must have a good enough budget wile planning the remodel and be prepared for some up and down in the cost. For example, if you want to add an extra bathroom or store room which is not in the plan, it might cost you a bit more price as the whole document would have to be changed.

  1. Do Add an Extra Storage

One truly important thing that many people forget while adding a new floor to their house is an extra storage to keep your least used stuff there. Do tell your architect about this important need of yours so that he would make the plan and map creatively according to your wish.

  1. Have Yourself Accommodated Somewhere Else for Some Time

You cannot live in a house with a lot of noise and dust every other day. Completion of a new floor would definitely take some time so, ask your builder about the approximate time that might be taken by the project to complete so that you accommodate yourself somewhere else for that specific time.

  1. Final Inspection

After the completion of your project, an engineer along with the certifier would visit your house for the final inspection and check whether the things are on track or not. Once your new floor is approved, it would get a certificate and you are all set to move in.

These tips would help you to make the process of your new addition a bit less daunting. Keep in regular contact with your architect builder mclean va to get everything done in an appropriate manner.