Who to hire to clean a storm water drain

Who to hire to clean a storm water drain

Storm sewer maintenance

Storm water drains, storm sewers or simply drain systems are made to deplete excess rain water, storm water or ground water from roads, sidewalks, parking lots etc. These are essential. But if the water is not treated on time, then it may lead to a lot of disastrous results such as mosquito breeding and also if the extra water in the drain might get clogged and overflow and get on the road and pavements.

Moreover storm water that does not immerse into the ground becomes of surface runoff, which either flows directly into surface waterways or is directed towards storm sewers, which eventually discharge to surface waters. As storm water has lot of pollutants it leads to water pollution also. Hence it’s important to clean them regularly. Most of the time we as an individual can come ahead and clean it but as most of these drains are huge hence they require a professional to clean them.

If the storm water drain is the premises of your apartment then you can look for a Janitor. They are also known as caretakers. Apart from cleaning, emptying trash, litter picking etc. these people are also responsible for cleaning the drains in some apartments. Check with the watchman and hire them to clean your storm water drain.

Regular sewer cleaning makes all the difference

If the storm water drain is located outside/ near your house say on a road or next to a pavement then you can look for some local sewage cleaners. These people are professionals at cleaning drains. Depending on the depth and length of the storm drain they charge a sum accordingly.

If you are looking at cleaning the water on a regular basis then getting cleaners on a contract basis is the best. There are lot of private organizations which take care of sewage and drainage such as Teloc, COSA. These are professional organizations that send people on a regular basis to clean drains – commercial, domestic and even industrial.

Apart from these there are few government organizations as well. These organizations considerably charge lesser as compare to private organizations. They generally do it for a particular locality all together rather than one building to the other (but there are some exceptions). They charge a nominal fee to provide the service.

Go ahead and get rid of the clogged drains and promote pollution and dirt free environment. A small bit can make a lot of difference.