Outdoor party game ideas for adults

Outdoor party game ideas for adults

Take a look at these favorite party games for adults and select your favorites to play. You can easily find party rentals to support these games.

Party games ideas

Balloon in the mouth

Objective: To get the maximum number of balloons filled with water from one bucket to another without bursting it.

Materials Required: Balloons filled with water, buckets

How To Play: Divide the group into teams of 5 or 6 members each. Line each team behind a bucket filled with 10 water balloons. The buckets should contain equal number of balloons. Line up empty buckets on the other end at a certain distance. At the word ‘go’, the first person from the line will grab a water balloon from the bucket using his or her mouth and run towards the empty bucket and drop it. Once the first person starts running towards the other end, the next person in line will start. At the end, the team with most number of balloons in the bucket wins.

Box or bucket

Objective: Avoid getting wet by building a wall of cardboard boxes around your team. The team with the least number of people to get wet will be the winner. It is good party game.

Materials Required: 10 to 20 medium to large cardboard boxes, blindfolds, buckets and water.

How To Play: Divide into two groups. Blindfold one team and place cardboard boxes around them. Set the timer for 2 minutes. The wall need not be higher than 2 boxes, but it should surround the entire team members. There shouldn’t be a gap of more than 3-inches between each box. After 2 minutes, the other team can look out for the gap more than 3-inches. If they come across any, a bucket of water will be thrown at the group. If a member of the group is left outside accidentally, he / she will get his own bucket of water.

Hunting Mud Money

Objective: The player with the maximum number of coins is the winner.

Materials Required: Large pool, buckets of water, soil, coins

How To Play: Fill up a large pool with soil, add water to it. Bury 30 coins in the muddy pit before guests arrive. Once the guests are ready, tie the hands of the players behind their back. Set a timer and at the word ‘go’ players must run towards the pit and find coins. The player with maximum coins wins the game.

Your own clothing label

Objective: To creatively assemble clothes to form the longest chain.

How To Play: Divide the team into 5 or more players. The team members should remove one clothing item they are wearing and put it on the ground to form a clothing line. One has to be creative while assembling clothes so as to make the line longer.

Contact a party rental company if you are looking for more such creative outdoor party game ideas for adults.