How to Hire a Pool Contractor?

How to Hire a Pool Contractor?

Constructing an attractive swimming pool in your own backyard can be an important investment in your property. This is a sound investment, although a major decision nonetheless. You have to do your homework given that there are many risks involved. You will like to work with a masonry contractor who is reliable and can do the job right in the very first time. Read on and know about some important things to consider while looking for a pool contractor who can ensure a successful project for you.

License and bonding of masonry contractor

There are licensing requirements on a state as well as nation-wide level for any contractor to finish your pool project. Ensure that he holds a license especially in the building pools, and not a license just for electrical or masonry work. In case anything goes wrong in your house, a pool design contractor having a license with appropriate classification can safeguard you. The same holds true for General Contractors and you have to ensure that they come with a particular pool construction license.


Other than being fully licensed, the company should also be insured and bonded. This will keep you on safe ground if an accident or problem occurs while your construction project is still going on. You have to a double check and ensure that the insurance is included with the pool masonry contractor and is not something out of pocket.


Whether you are trying to create a concrete pool, fiberglass pool or ground pool, it is advisable that you get as many current and past references as you can. Do not be hesitant to ask challenging questions to the contractor, so that you can get all the important details to take the best decision. Ask about the quality of workers and materials, schedule, budget, communication and attentiveness.

Local Trade Associations

You should conduct some research with the Local Trade Associations. You should meet with the local trade associations, such as the local Chamber of Commerce. Find out with the Better Business Bureau whether any unresolved complaints lie with them about the landscaping company or contractor that you wish to choose.


You have to be familiar with the construction agreement or contract and get the maximum amount of details for both parties. Make sure that your interests are protected. The contract should clearly mention the schedule, late penalties, progressive payments and cost. Negotiate the rates offered to you. lagra