Keratin Treatment Facts And Myths

Keratin Treatment Facts And Myths

There must be so many things on your mind when you book an appointment at a keratin treatment by hair stylist. You must have heard of so many things about the treatment. But not all of them can be true. There are various myths about this treatment.

Facts about a keratin treatment by hair stylist:

  1. Keratin is Only for the Curly Hair

The biggest myth about keratin treatment is that it is only for curly hair. But it is not. Although it is best for curly hair, it can be a solution for other hair types also. It can be a solution for frizzy hair as well.

  1. You Cannot Wash Your Hair After Keratin

If you have gotten a keratin treatment by hair stylist, he or she would recommend that you do not wash your hair for at least 5 days. But that is not the case with all keratin treatments, it only applies to medium and strong strength keratin. If you have used the light version of keratin, you are free to wash it afterward.

  1. You Cannot Style Your Hair After Keratin

You can! You just have to lower down the use of clips and barrettes because they will leave dents in your hair. Otherwise, you can style your hair in curls or whatever you want. Some people do not like the dead straight hair after keratin treatment so they prefer curling the ends of their hair.

  1. Formaldehyde Is Very Dangerous

This is partially true. Yes, formaldehyde is dangerous for your hair but the amount of it present in keratin is not as much as in other treatments. When you are in the keratin treatment salon, your stylist can better guide you about this. And there are formaldehyde free treatments also. But their result is not the same.

  1. Keratin Lasts for a Few Weeks

This depends on how you treat your hair after the treatment. If you are careful after the treatment, it can last months. Otherwise, it will go away soon. It depends on how often you wash your hair and what is in your shampoo. If you use a sulfate free shampoo and do not wash very frequently, you can prolong your treatment.

  1. All Keratin Treatments Have Formaldehyde

Some treatments are free of formaldehyde. But they are not as effective as formaldehyde ones. You can opt for a treatment which is free of formaldehyde. But if you have thick curls or coarse hair, you have to consider formaldehyde.

  1. This Treatment Is Not Safe for Hair

Although this treatment can damage your hair, but this damage is not comparable with other treatments. It means that it is the least damaging treatment for smooth hair. If you are getting a keratin treatment by hair stylist, you have to know that it will cause a little damage but you can cover it up with extra care.

  1. How Is Keratin Different

A Keratin treatment hair stylist will soften your curls. It will eliminate the frizz and smoothen your hair. It lasts only 3 to 6 months. But other permanent hair treatments actually change the internal structure of your hair. They are more damaging than keratin treatment.

  1. Everyone Can Get This Treatment

It is suitable for every hair type. It does not matter if you have thick curls or just frizzy hair, you can get keratin treatment by hair stylist for smooth and straight hair. For those who have coarse hair, this treatment is ideal because strong strength Keratin can even smooth coarse hair.

  1. It Is Semi-Permanent

It is a semi-permanent method of hair straightening. If you give the right care, this treatment can last almost 6 months. But if you do not provide the care that it needs, it will wash away very quickly. So, if you don’t want permanently straight hair, keratin treatment is the best option for you.

There Are Different Keratin Treatments

When you are at a keratin treatment salon rockville md, you will get to know that there are different types of this treatment. There is Brazilian blowout treatment and also the strawberry keratin treatment. Keratin Complex treatment is also a type. You will have to do a little research before choosing one.