How To Remove A Tree Stump With Epsom Salt

How To Remove A Tree Stump With Epsom Salt

Having a tree, which obstructs the sunlight or is bothering your neighbors, can be a tough one to handle. It can pose serious risks during natural calamities and can pose a threat the surrounding. It is maybe a tough task, but let us share with you some tips, to make your life easier.

Epsom Salt

Among tree services, the Epsom salt method has gained a lot of attention. Epsom has been known to provide many benefits but it also on the other hand can help in removing a tree. Magnesium, Sulfur and Oxygen are the main components included. It is very useful when it comes to gardening around the house, as it provides the nutrients required for a healthy soil. It has sulfur content, which helps in boosting the growth power of the soil. The magnesium content, which it contains, helps the plant with their growth.

On the other hand, there is also a negative side of Epsom salt and that is, it draws moisture out of anything and everything it comes in contact with. Therefore, it is suggested that care should be taken while using Epsom salt, especially when someone is giving his/her first try towards gardening or planting plants. Epsom salt will also rob soil off its nutrients. It removes moisture from and dries the stumps, leading it to rotting. Therefore, if you are looking for something, which can help you in removing stumps quickly, Epsom Salt might be your thing.

Tree Removal

Besides turning your baths into relaxing therapies and healthy for your skin and body, Epsom salt is also used for removing trees. In addition to it providing you relaxing baths, it also helps the plants of tomatoes grow better and facilitates the roses in producing brighter and better blooms. It also acts as a great fertilizer while it improves the chlorophyll production, helps prevent transplant shock and supplying extra magnesium. If you have heard someone suggesting Epsom salt to remove a tree, you have heard them right as it does help in removing trees without using any toxic chemicals.

Using Epsom Salt to Remove a Tree

There are a number of different ways through which you can use Epsom salt to remove a tree. The first method will require a bit of drilling action along with some dry Epsom salt. The process requires drilling holes surrounding the stumps but keeping a few space between them. After you are done with drilling the holes, fill Epsom salt in each of them. In order to moisten the salt, add water very slowly in each hole. Be careful not to saturate the salt fully, you just need to moisten it a bit. Cover the stump, so that if it rains, the rainwater does not make the salt flood out. With the passage of time, the moisture from the stumps is removed quickly, resulting it in rotting and preventing from reshooting.

The other method involves making a mixture or a solution in a large five or six gallon bucket. Since this method involves high concentration of Epsom salt, make sure that you have enough. Just to be sure, use two gallons of water while mixing one gallon of Epsom salt. Once you are done with the mixture, pour it all over the stump, on the roots as well as the surrounding soil. Repeat the process of covering the stumps and pouring water once a week. Eventually it will lead to the soil and stump drying out faster.

You will notice along the way that as the stump decomposes, it will start rotting and you can slowly chip off parts to the point where they become smaller and smaller. Ultimately, you will reach a point where you will be able to pull the remaining parts out. After you are done with the removal, you need to make sure that the stump is disposed of properly as well. It is not something, which you can put, in the front yard for the garbage disposal services to pick up. You will have to organize for its disposal, or maybe ask the local disposals if they accept them. You can always hire a professional to remove the tree stumps for you and they will of course dispose it off for you.

If all this is a bit confusing, you can should choose a tree removal company to do that for you. The charges are less and work is done professionally.


Epsom salt has many uses and people have been using it for exactly those purposes, but a little is known about its removal ability. Since people often do not take the risk of removing the tree by themselves, tree cutting services Chevy Chase are often preferred.