Important factors about design, construction and maintenance of a swimming pool

Important factors about design, construction and maintenance of a swimming pool

When you are planning to remodel your existing swimming pool or to construct a new swimming pool, you will have to design the pool or approve the design given by pool design contractors. Rectangular swimming pool is the standard model and it is always an acceptable option. But there are also contemporary designs which will come up for your consideration. The pool is going to be an important visual element in your backyard.  One should give special care to select a suitable design that complements to the existing design of your house. Important factors to consider while thinking about the design of your swimming pool are detailed below.

Things to know about backyard pools

Pool size is one aspect where there is no flexibility of choice.  The size of the pool is determined by the size of your yard. The city’s building code determines the minimum allowable deck width for ground pools.  It is better to refer the city building codes before you dream about an infinity pool in your home. Pool depth is also another important aspect that has to be decided considering the number of children in your home, their age and similar other aspects.

Most of the home swimming pools are rectangular in shape though some of them have rounded corners to provide visual impact. Rectangular shape will be more suitable for home swimming pools. But if you want the swimming pool to be used as merely a relaxing spot for outdoor gathering and when the expected visitors are not swimmers who swim laps you can think of irregular shapes that imitates natural ponds. Many add-ons can be incorporated in your swimming pool to give it stunning visual impact. Pool waterfall is one such thing which can add beauty and provide facility for chemical treatment of the water thereby avoiding the possibility of stagnant water.  Underwater lighting is another add-on which makes it possible to use your pool even during night and acts as a safety provider also. Similarly pool heaters can make the pools usable throughout the year. Similarly, a hot tub will be useful to help you relax at the end of a long and tiresome day.

Details of pool designing

The size and shape of pools are the most important characteristics of backyard landscaping that decide the usefulness or attractiveness of a pool. Size of the pool is more governed by the size of the yard than anything else. Pool design has to take into consideration many aspects like the purpose of the pool, number and age of kids in your house etc. If the owner or the main users for which the pool is primarily intended wants to swim laps then the pool has to be a longer pool.  But if the pool is to be used for sporting activities like water polo then the pool has to be shallow at both ends that become deeper in the middle. If there are young kids who would like to splash around, then a shallow and small pool with natural curved shape will be the most suitable one. Pool designers and pool builders will be the suitable persons to guide you in deciding the pool design based on your requirements as they are experienced in these matters.

Skim debris

Twigs, leaves, palm fronds, dead bugs and other debris will naturally flow to your pool.  If you can invest for providing a cover for keeping the pool safe from such unwanted things you can take a dip in the pool within a minute whenever you feel like that.  A long-handled skimmer and a fine mesh will be required to keep the pool free of all types of debris. First remove all the visible debris and then one can skim the complete surface to make it free from smaller items.

Clean strainer baskets

Every swimming pool must have a pump used for circulating the water so that it does not become stagnant. It will be better if the intake valves of these pumps are having strainer baskets which are used for separating the debris. Even small debris can clog the pump and can cause severe and expensive damages. So never forget to replace the basket soon after the cleaning is completed. If meticulous care is not given in maintaining the pool, it will become useless within no time and help from people like pool masonry contractors will be required to make it useful again. lagra