Elegant backyard wedding ideas

Elegant backyard wedding ideas

Your precious wedding can be beautifully captured at a backyard wedding fete that hold special meaning to you.  Not need to worry, there are ample ideas which can prove worth millions and some of them are listed below.

  • If it’s a day wedding, go for simple yet attractive way. With beautiful flowers like pink roses, slipper, orchids, cymbidium and attractive white hydrangeas can be woven throughout the décor to give fresh and flowery touch.
  • Beautifully fitted lanterns for night along with seasonal love flowers magically sprang out of the ceiling can add fabulous aroma to your wedding.
  • It always look great to spruce up basic low centerpieces with lots of candles arranged at different heights and shapes and boxed lighting. Tiny bows of your favorite color or sweep delicate flower buds added to simple wooden chairs are a sweet touch.
  • For rustic look, a comfy wooden furniture can be worth rewarding. This can also be considered for natural approach. Simple candles and greenery completes the look.
  • Creating wedding aisle with natural color is worth rewarding. Wrapped your backyard in beautiful tents along with seasonal flowers, lighting and decorative pieces for attraction..
  • If planning for some colorful bliss, one can go for colorful dance floor, canopy, chairs, and flowers magically sprang out of the ceiling, decorated in your style. Incredible suspended décor featuring floral garlands and circular beads can also bring magical moments to your wedding.
  • Beautifully place it with crystal chandeliers along with beaded curtains, piles of beautiful flowers, chic menu design, sparkly pillows, crystal cut wine glasses and vases of mercury glass.
  • Any decoration is incomplete without delicious food and wine. Apart from many available famous caterers, one can also go for homemade baked goods to give homely touch and natural piece to your wedding.
  • There was fun for everyone in a Vintage backyard wedding with photo booth and perfect placement of a wooden sign that leads guests of the evening to their intended destination (cocktails! We do! Bites! Ceremony! dance floor!).

Transforming your backyard night wedding party into exotic land can also spell-bound your guests. Mark the occasion with canopy style smaller tents allowing seating to 7-8 guests under a rental wedding tent and similarly add as many tents as based on your guest list.