How to Install Stone Veneer?

How to Install Stone Veneer?

Hiring a stone veneer contractor for installing stone veneer is a nice idea. They would complete the task professionally and have all the equipment required for the process. They would also care that all the raw materials are perfectly fixed and there are no loopholes leading to future damage. If you are planning to install stone veneer for a small area by yourself then you can follow some simple steps and can setup stone veneer around a small area of your home without any professional help with these steps.

Getting a Stone Veneer

You should first prepare a layout for stone veneer for the required area. There are two choices for stone veneer one is you can select natural stones and can lay them as required and can make changes in them to fit properly to the area. Another option is you can select a pre-designed veneer that is manufactured and not natural. These are light weight stones, made to fit the area. Selecting manufactured veneer can be a better option if you have planned to install it by yourself.

Apply a scratch Coat

Apply a scratch coat over the area. You can use mixtures of bonding material along with S type and C type cements. Also you can choose to add some tint as this would be visible once you install stones and they are fixed. Time of 24 hours is required for this scratch coat to dry and to be ready for stones to be installed.

Make a Mortar Mix

Once the wall or any area, let’s suppose is ready for further processes you can progress with preparing a mortar mix. You will need 2 parts of sand and 1 part of cement along with sufficient amount of water to keep workable consistency.

Final steps

The finals steps would include preparing the area with stones, applying the mortar mix and stone veneer. Further fixing of joints and applying a final clean seal would complete the task. This way you would have your stone veneer installed.

You can prepare for stone veneer installation with these steps by yourself. But, if you want a great looking stone veneer installed in your home you can take help of contractors. Backyard waterfall contractor can also help in installing stone veneer as they have experience with the task. Hiring a professional for the task would reduce your pain and would yield you more beautiful results than any other way.