What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Restless Leg Syndrome(RLS) is a tendency to move legs at night or when relaxing. One may feel pain of needles poking in legs or other areas of body and also a strange creepy crawly feeling in legs. These things may lead to disturbed sleep and is also considered as a sleeping disorder because of this reason. It can affect adversely to patients routine life as they are unable to get sound sleep or unable to sleep at all.

There is no particular reason for the development of RLS; it may be sometimes due to some other underlying disease or as a part of side-effect of certain medications. The severity and frequency of RLS varies from patient to patient and their conditions. It is mostly undiagnosed and patient does not require any medications for it. But in few cases RLS intervenes with normal sleeping and relaxing of patients. Under such circumstances there is requirement to treat the disease as early as possible. There are various medications or prescription drugs available that help to ease RLS and get you good sleep.

Tips to Ease RLS

RLS can be very frustrating for people experiencing severe issues with it. Along with medications if patient takes care of few important aspects they may find a little relief with RLS. One should exercise daily, take medications, avoid or limit alcohol, caffeine and nicotine before several hours of sleep. It is strongly advisable to use bed only to relax and not for any other activity for patients with RLS. They should also avoid taking heavy meals just before retiring in bed. Massage and regular walking will also help to a great extent in relieving symptoms of RLS.

How to find a doctor if you have RLS?

If you are concerned with your inability to sleep or you have some severe pain in leg that makes you move or scratch because of itching them all night long then you should certainly talk to your doctor regarding the same. Not all patients require specialized treatments for the same. But, if you have severe issues your doctor may ask you to consult a sleep disorder doctor for the same. At these sleep clinics doctors scan all issues while you are sleeping and find out the root cause of your issues. Maintaining a sleeping diary to understand your sleep patterns will also help to your doctor. Sleep clinics are best to diagnose any issue with your sleep irregularities and also treating them.