Avoiding Sewer & Drain Cleaning Scams

Avoiding Sewer & Drain Cleaning Scams

You might be reading this article because you wish to hire a sewer and drain cleaning service provider! A clogged pipe can mean a very big mess. With so many unscrupulous entrepreneurs in the industry, finding the right sewer and drain cleaning business is easy said than done. If you wish to save yourself from being a victim of this scam, you must follow five important steps. These steps will save you from unnecessary surprises.

#1 Ask Questions

First of all, you should be able to spot incorrect and inappropriate questions. A lot of scam business owners target on widowed and elderly people. These firms are professionally trained to identify susceptible candidates. They begin with questions like are you singe? Is your husband or father at home? The moment you hear such questions, consider them as a big scam. Don’t avail services from such companies.

#2 Don’t Get Convinced

Employees from fake companies will have their own ways of convincing you. They will tell you that the problem is much more severe than what it seems like. Most of them travel in groups. As one person gathers information from the client, the other would spread dirt and make the issue seem big. They will tell you that the entire pipe is broken and is making the place dirty. These are silly explanations for experts. Likewise, some companies carry huge bags of rocks and trap pipes. These rocks will make sure your lines are blocked in the future. As you hire these employees, they will visit your home and remove the rocks placed by them! Doesn’t this sound like a major scam? That is why you should be alert and must look for evidence.

#3 Tracing Videos

Always ensure that you are not going through a rerun. Jetting and video inspections play a very important role in this industry. Some people use this technology inappropriately. They use video from cameras that are buried inside far away septic tanks and sewers. These videos will give you a bad picture of how dirty and messed up your sewers and drainage is! When you hire a sewer and drain cleaning service ny, you should be able to distinguish videos that are taken at your home or elsewhere. Unfortunately, a lot of customers get sold to this trick. They believe that the videos are taken from their own premises and that their sewers need maintenance.