Which Rug Materials You Should Avoid When Buying A Rug

Which Rug Materials You Should Avoid When Buying A Rug

Rugs and carpets aren’t something you got to buy every other day, whenever you buy an area oriental rug for any part of your house, you expect it would last at least a half a decade or longer. In case, you want your rug to last for years, avoid buying the following rug materials.

Art Silk

Art silk or artificial silk is something you should keep at an arm’s length; it does not ensure quality. Art silk is not real silk, so to say, it is just a second rated copy of the actual silk and hence it is not as trustworthy as the authentic one. Original silk comes from the fiber a silkworm takes months to produce, and for those who cannot pay for original silk, a replica is brought into being. Two to three artificial fibers are mixed together to produce a silk-like consistency but the result is not even in close proximity with actual silk.

Dead Wool

Wool, as you know, is obtained from the skin shaved off sheep’s body. There’s a little condition to it. The sheep that you get wool from should be healthy and hearty because good wool comes from an alive and healthy animal. Some people, however, take skin off dead and/or unhealthy sheep and trick vendors into buying it, and if the vendor is not smart enough to identify good wool, he is likely to fall for the trap. As a buyer, it is incumbent on you to make sure you are not paying for dead wool in case you have set your heart to a woolen rug.


Polyester is the cheapest of all the rug materials – that is the reason it has the tendency to fade quicker than any other rug type. If you, in any case, buy a polyester rug, you should know that it is not likely to last as long as you are expecting. It would roughen up quickly and you will be coerced into giving it up and bringing a better replacement. If you want to invest in something with a healthier life span, you should opt for wool or silk rugs — it won’t be an expensive deal if you look at the duration these rugs can live for. On the other hand, polyester rugs are made of nothing natural but a synthetic material and hence they tend to grow feeble, so to speak.

Full-Fledged Jute

A rug made of 100% jute isn’t worth your money because it feels really rough underneath your feet. The best rug is the one that feels soft and squishy under your feet. You might want to place it somewhere in your house for the sake of embellishment but you cannot place it in a heavy-mobility area, or else, you will end up hurting your feet. Still and all, if you are all the more willing to buy a jute rug, make sure you buy the one that has some % of cotton mixed with it — it is sure to be less coarse and more tolerable.


These olefin rugs are usually considered to be really tough and stain resistant. They surely have the tendency to fly in the face of liquid spills. If you are seeking only and only durability, perhaps this is what you are looking for. However, keep in mind, there is no extensive variety of colors when it comes to olefin rugs; these rugs are not meant to be handsome and appealing, they surely won’t go great with your furniture. Still and all, if you are interested in buying one of these, place it in a barely noticeable part of your house.


Seagrass is a material generated from a particular plant and this plant always grows by the ocean. This plant produces a material which is used to make all sorts of furniture and even rugs. Seagrass rugs are most likely to be strong, sturdy and muscular; they have the best potential to resist stains and last the longest. That’s the very reason they are best if you place them outdoors. However, they are least likely to suit your indoors because they are not as prepossessing as you expect them to be. So, keep this in mind when you see them in rug stores Vienna VA.