Air Conditioner Repair Company: Top 5 AC Contractors

Air Conditioner Repair Company: Top 5 AC Contractors

Are you looking for an air conditioner repair company? Then this is the right place for that. In these days, air conditioner is really helpful to most homeowners. However, things can be a bit troublesome when it breaks, especially during summer. That’s why we need a technician to fix it. It is better to find a professional technician from a trustworthy company. Here we have included top 5 AC repair companies in Phoenix, Arizona.

  1. American Home and Water

If you are searching for an AC repair company with high quality and effective price, this is the one you must choose. This company has been in business for more than 20 years. The owners, Tom Knapp and Tom Atkinson, really focus on satisfying their customers. In order to do that, they provide high integrity and professionalism to them. Furthermore, this company has several products and services which you can ask for. They are mostly well-known for the advanced soft water system. The other services you can get are reverse osmosis system, air conditioning, water heaters, and residential HVAC.

  1. Hays Cooling and Heating

If you type “HVAC company near me” around Arizona region in your web browser, Hays Cooling and Heating is one of the companies shown in the results. This family owned business is a specialist in professional HVAC service. What’s more, they have a team who own a certification of installer for this type of AC. Thanks to their team, they have become the leading provider of this air conditioner service. Of course it is not the only model they can fix. They also possess repairing skill for other items like air conditioning, water heater, and heating machine. To help their customer savings, there are some offers which can aid them in finance. For example, there is March Madness HVAC Special where it offers free system upgrade if you purchase a new system from them.

  1. Bumble Bee Air Conditioning

Bumble Bee Air Conditioning is another family operated business who can fix your AC problems. They will do their best in order to meet the customer needs. Moreover, You can request their service with such a fair pricing. There are 2 types of services you can get from them, which are residential and commercial services. Besides services, you can have a consultation with them as well. They will provide you the best solution which can fulfill your needs.

  1. Flores Air Conditioning

Flores Air Conditioning has been serving their customers for 30 years. That period of time has made them gaining a lot of experiences. So, this is one air conditioner repair company you can really trust on. In addition, they have been awarded for excellence in satisfying customers for 6 years in a row. If you have any worries related to your air conditioner, just leave it to them. They will not stop doing their job until the result can completely satisfy their customers. About the service, you can ask them to install new AC and heater, repair, and maintain your unit.

  1. Day & Night Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing

It is hard to predict when our air conditioner will break. It even can stop working at night time, and most AC contractors already close at such time. If you need a night service for your air conditioner or even heater, you can call Day & Night Air. This ac repair company mount sinai ny is available in 24 hours. That allows their customers to fix some issues at any time they want. Moreover, the technicians who come to you are professional and high-skilled in doing their job. You can call them for plumbing service too if you need it.