New Car Paint Protection Film: Learn About Car Vinyl Wrapping

New Car Paint Protection Film: Learn About Car Vinyl Wrapping

A new car paint protection film can go a long way in making your drive look more beautiful than ever. When you are a car owner, you definitely want to keep your vehicle looking untarnished and brand new as possible. That is why it is not a big surprise that more and more car owners are now turning to paint protection film, or also referred to as vinyl wrapping.


Vinyl Wrapping: What is it All About?


Vinyl wrapping, in simple terms, is a form of protection for the paint finish using a plastic layer instead of a chemical topcoat. It is a must for technicians to the properly prepare the car’s surface before applying the plastic layer to every panel, cutting this to blend and fit in seamlessly by hand. It is also somewhat amusing that the product is also called a car bra if it is applied on the front portion of the vehicle alone.


Common Types of Vinyl Wrapping


  • Clear vinyl wrapping – It is the most common type of paint protection film. Its purpose is to preserve the look of the original paintwork through prevention of minor chips and scratches from getting to the paint while keeping the glory of the original finish and color.
  • Advertising wraps – If your vehicle is used for business, including contact details, your logo, and relevant imagery is a good way to advertise wherever you drive around. For this reason, vinyl wraps are added to the cars by the professional sign writers.
  • Colored vinyl wrapping – Most commonly utilized to revitalize the older cars and change finish or color for less than the cost of the re-spray. This allows individuals to try fashionable styles including matt or pearlescent or just recolor the areas like wing mirrors, door panels or roof panels for new look. Several companies also provide stencil cut-outs that can be used for adding patterns and some designs to the cars.

Advantages of Vinyl Paint Protection Film for Cars

If you are the type of person who wants to put a stamp on their car through a few modifications or your car is your passion, there are some reasons why you might like to try this method to car care. So, if you want a cheap protective car film, use vinyl paint protection film instead and see the difference!