How Long Do Paint Protection Films Last And How To Get The Most Out Of PPF?

How Long Do Paint Protection Films Last And How To Get The Most Out Of PPF?

Longevity is one reason paint protection films are so popular compared to other forms of protective measures. A good quality brand from paint protection film installers should ideally last you many years to a decade, however, actual lifespan depends on the following factors.

How Well Is the Painted Surface Prepared Before Installation?

There are a few things that you need to make sure beforehand in order to prepare the surface for an ideal installation and prevent any creases from forming. Unless this has been done, the paint protection film installation will warp much sooner than intended, and a replacement will be needed.

If the Film Is Applied as Per Specifications and Under What Conditions

Once the prep has been done on the surface itself, you need to create the right environment and the ideal conditions for the film itself for it to properly adhere to the painted surface of the car. That means cutting the film in just the right size to prevent bubbles, and using the right temperature etc.

The Environmental Factors It Is Exposed to During Its Lifetime

Once the film has been installed on to the car, it now depends on external factors how well it lasts. If it is constantly exposed to harsh conditions such as rock chips and sudden temperature changes, the film may puncture or be chemically altered. Even under not so harsh conditions, constant exposure to the forces of nature may degrade its lifespan.

That said, there is one step you can take to ensure that you get the most out of your paint protection film, and that is applying a ceramic coating of high quality on top of it. Doing so provides multiple benefits, all of which contribute to maximizing the life of your paint protection film. Let us take a look at some of them.

Improves the Shine of The Vehicle

Paint protection film has the tendency to turn yellow over time due to exposure to dust and dirt particles present in the environment. Applying a ceramic coating on top ensures that the film stays in its clear state and the underlying body paint has unhindered exposure to shine through in full glory.

Boosts the Hydrophobic Ability of The Film

Paint protection film on its own does not boast a lot of hydrophobic property. As a result, dirt and dust tend to easily stick to it. Applying a nano ceramic coating on top of the applied film on your car ensures that any external debris containing water particles will slide right off.

Requires Way Fewer Car Washes to Keep It Clean

Due to the above property introduced to your car after a nano ceramic coating, things like dirt, dust, debris, bird poop, water spots and other water containing contaminants are no longer a problem, meaning no need to wash your car every week to get rid of this stuff. As a bonus, you also save several gallons of water that would have gone into cleaning the car. In case of fewer visits to the car wash every year, that translates to thousands of dollars saved.

Reduces the Need to Get Waxing Done on The Exterior

Since the shine of the car stays intact, you no longer need to throw money into getting a detailing job done.

We hope that by now you are convinced that paint protection films are indeed a great investment, and by following these instructions, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your original car paint will stay in the same spanking new condition as the first time you got your car out of the showroom, for many more years to come.

This will immensely help keep your ride’s resale value up in case you decide to put it on the market down the line. It will give you ample amounts of time that would have otherwise gone into keeping your exterior in top order. Moreover, as mentioned before, you will need less car washes and detailing. That should leave no questions as to the viability of your investment into getting the service of clear car protection film installers Springfield, and make the initial capital you have to put forward into getting it done feel like chump change.