Biceps Pain – All You Need To Know

Biceps Pain – All You Need To Know

Bicep pain is quite a common trouble among athletes and body builders. With lifting of heavy weight, the muscle tissues tend to get torn. As a result, pain and swelling starts to take place. With proper rest and nutrition, the healing process takes a faster route towards recovery.

Biceps and its ability to withstand strong work load

Biceps are the most functioning part of the body. They are also trained the most. As a result, it’s quite natural that they would acquire some kind of pain. Having sold and hugely shaped biceps is a dream of many. But remember, biceps are smaller muscles. They are delicate enough to face wear and tear with slightly heavy load. Hence, the pain tends to happen after heavy bicep workout. Proper massage therapy, relaxation, stretching, and right kind of nutrition would help in fast recovery of the muscle tissue injuries and provide relief from the pain.

Bicep Tendonitis

This is a medical condition that primarily affects areas in between biceps muscles, most notably the one that meets front part of the shoulder. It never occurs on its own. It basically develops due to rotator cuff tendonitis. This type of a medical condition mainly takes place during heavy weightlifting. Often such a situation is ignored that leads to severe complications.

Most common symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms for bicep tendonitis are listed below:

  • Severe pain while moving the arm or shoulder
  • Trouble while raising the arm above the shoulder
  • Pain can be felt when the shoulder is touched
  • Swollen and redness in the shoulder while a burning sensation feel around the region
  • More pain during the night or even after getting up from the bed in early morning

Old age problem

Once the body tends to get older, there will be loss in flexibility. This is why a person tends to develop bicep tendonitis with minimal exercise. However, it may be aroused due to some neglected injury that happened in the past, during young age. But with passing of age and decreasing on the resistance power, the pain starts to be felt. It is the change in the blood vessels that results in affecting the tendons. Too much strain puts the tendons under severe pressure. This is why it is always recommended to have proper warm-up session before getting into serious weight lifting session. Otherwise, the tendons would face more strain that might not be manageable and would result in injury. In case of some pain and injury, consult a reputed bicep pain doctor immediately.