HVAC Maintenance Do’s And Don’ts

HVAC Maintenance Do’s And Don’ts

If you keep healthy maintenance of your HVAC system, you won’t need to call HVAC repair companies at all. Regular check-ups and weekly replacements can actually save you a lot of hassle in the future. Here are some dos and don’ts you must follow in order to receive a lifelong service.

HVAC Maintenance Do’s

Here are some things you must do to keep your HVAC system running for long:

  1. Arrange Professional Visits

It is best to have two sessions of detailed checkups each year. Call in professionals from air conditioning companies and let them do their job. Not only you will be satisfied with their fixture but also, the next few months will go by unwavering. The seasons have a huge impact on HVAC systems and therefore, before your HVAC system loses its potential in it, you must prepare a proper checkup session.

  1. Set the System at Optimal Temperature

The optimal temperatures serve the best for the system maintenance as well as people using it. During the hot season, turn the temperature to 78 degrees Fahrenheit and during the cold season, turn it to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Note that your battery must always be charged or more importantly fresh as new. Keep the temperature low when you go to bed or when you are leaving your house. It’ll boost the potentiality of the system.

  1. Watch Out For Filters

Looking after filters every now and then is a must. If you remain oblivious to the condition of your filters, not even HVAC companies will be able to help you out. The only choice that will remain for would be a complete replacement. Make sure to vent out the tiniest of dust or debris from your filters, it can make a huge impact on the system’s efficiency.

  1. Look Out For Any Leakages

The leakage mostly appears in the air duct work. It can extremely harmful for the system as well as the walls around. It can cause mold infestation as well as total system breakdown. If you find leakage in your ductwork immediately inform the air conditioning companies.

  1. Keep the Unit Out of Trees, Branches and Debris

Leaves, debris, dust and minute shrubs can give you a really hard time maintaining the HVAC system. The only way to change that is cutting down the shrubs, herbs, branches etc that can possibly damage the system. As for debris and dust, using hose is always the best option to get rid of them.

HVAC Maintenance Don’ts

Here are some don’ts which you must never even think about doing because that will only waste your time and your money.

  1. Don’t Take High Bills Too Lightly

If you get a bill in your hand that is way too high than the normal, it’s time you focus on the real deal. First, try to find out what problem has occurred with the system, it may be a spike or an incorrect connection. If you are unable to find the reason behind it call the HVAC companies right away to get some closure upon the situation.

  1. Don’t Let Your New HVAC System Go Unnoticed

We usually don’t pay attention to the HVAC system that was installed prior to when we move into the home. That is completely unacceptable. Always make sure to use some help from the professionals to look up your previously installed system.

  1. Don’t Avoid Professional Services

Many people feel uncomfortable to call in professionals for regular checkups. They believe that they are too capable that they can take care of maintenance barehanded. On the contrary, it may not be that easy. It’s important to analyze things in details which normal civilians usually overlook. So never hesitate to ask for professional service, it’s your right!

  1. Don’t Trust Carbon Monoxide Too Blindly

Carbon monoxide detector may not always be so accurate. Instead, have a complete inspection of the furnace for better detection.

  1. Don’t Turn Down the Heat in the Cold Season

Don’t turn the temperature down if you are leaving the house for a few hours or days. Let the high temperature settle when the weather is still cool outside.

  1. Don’t Upgrade Permanently

Upgradation is important for any system for its better efficiency. Make temporary alterations and upgrades but don’t make the mistakes of making them permanent.

If you haven’t called AC repair companies Smithtown NY for your HVAC system checkup then do it right now because health is more important than anything!