How to become a basketball champ?

How to become a basketball champ?

Basketball summer camps and basketball is one of the greatest and fun sports played in the world and if you are a basketball freak, you can surely find a number of resources present all over the internet telling you, how to be a basketball star as soon as possible or even describing the tactics to improve your gaming skill. The tips present on the internet are effective and trustworthy, but the problem with the guidance present on the internet is that, most of the time the tricks are disorganized, which leads to confusion and sometimes misguides the player. But do not worry at all “soon to be a basketball champ” as here are Basketball Tips and Tactics in an organized form, which will surely help you to improve your game.

How to excel in basketball

Tricks and tips for basketball

  • Ball handling: if you wish to become a great basketball player, then this is the basic requirement to be even called a basketball player, one should be good at ball handling if he/she wish to make a career as a basketball player. The importance of ball handling abilities cannot be inflated. Whether you play as a guard, center, forward, playing pickup, professionally, or even at college, ball handling is and will always be the most important skill of basketball. With good ball handling skill the game become more interesting, as the ball always rest wherever you want.

Special tip: practice with fellow mates to improve the skill.

  • The pass: The passing of basketball is also an important skill. The key to win the game is finding an open player and then passing the ball with the most appropriate pass. The most common types of passes given by the professional players are the :

1. Chest pass: in this pass the ball is thrown with both the hands and thrown forcefully in an outward direct from the chest height such that it reaches the fellow player at his chest height.

2. Bounce pass: this pass is similar to the chest pass but the only difference is that a bounce is given to the ball such that when it approaches the team mate the ball lies at the west height of the player.

Special tip: play a practice game without any sort of dribble.

  • Shooting the basket: shooting is the most crucial part of playing basketball, as it is very essential to shoot properly to score good in a basketball match.

Important tips for shooting mechanism:

  1. Hold the ball with only fingertips of both the hands
  2. Set the target properly
  3. Try to throw it high
  4. Snap the elbow
  5. Do not throw the ball in hurry