5 Commercial Ice Maker Repair Tips

5 Commercial Ice Maker Repair Tips

Commercial Ice making machines are important to restaurants, hospitals, bars, and hotels, etc. These machines are used to store things that are temperature sensitive and for several other applications such as creating ice for drinks that are served with meals. Imagine you owning an ice-cream shop that is packed with people. The orders are flowing and all of a sudden the ice-making machine stops working. In some cases, it might be a simple fix whereas, in others, you might need to call a commercial ice maker repairs service. Either way, your business is going to suffer. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss commercial ice maker repair tips for you to be aware of in case you encounter a relevant situation in the future.

Machine Not Dispensing Water Or Ice

A common problem with ice makers is that sometimes they will simply stop dispensing water or ice. If that is the case with your machine as well, make sure that the machine is receiving a sufficient flow of water. Furthermore, inspect the feeler to see if it’s blocked or has caused the machine to shut down. The feeler is a component, which is responsible for pushing the cubes to the outer tray. Piling of too much ice at a time will keep the feeler lifted. As a result, the ice will not dispense.

To solve the issue, inspect the water flow. A water pressure that is too low will not enter the ice maker to create ice. Performing regular maintenance will prevent such a situation from taking place again.

Ice Maker Not Making Ice

If you happen to notice that the ice maker is not making any ice at all, first check to see if it is on. It might be surprising but in most cases, owners tend to get worried without realizing that they had forgotten to turn it on. Then, check to see if the thermometer has been set to the right temperature. If even that is not the case, then a clogged or a frozen water line may be the problem. To inspect, turn off the machine and defrost it. After all the ice has melted, clean it, and turn the machine on. If it still is not making any ice, call an appliance repair technician for help.

Not Making Sufficient Ice

If an ice maker is not regularly maintained, there are high chances that the lines will freeze. In such cases, the machine will either create less amount of ice or will stop creating ice altogether. This is a call for defrosting. Make sure that you allow the machine to defrost properly. Once it is done, turn on the machine to see if it is creating a sufficient amount of ice. If not, call a professional.


An ice maker with a couple of drops on the floor is a part of the process but if you notice that the drops are a regular occurrence, it means that there is a leak in ice maker somewhere. It might be that the machine is not sitting at a proper angle. If it is even slightly tilted to one side, leakage could occur. Therefore, before anything else, make sure that it is sitting right. Then, inspect the water pipes for any cracks or damage. If the leak could not be found, you will need a professional to come check it. Chances are that the professional will open the machine to check for internal leakages.

Making Strange Noises

Strange noises are never a good sign. It means that trouble is about to hit if immediate action is not taken. Although ice makers are not noisy, but if something is wrong, they are bound to make some noise. Unusual noises might be coming from the compressor, temperature control unit, or any other component. Such noises are difficult for a layman to identify. Therefore, without any wait, you should immediately call a professional to fix the issue.

Final Word

When it comes to repairing your commercial ice maker, you need a professional commercial kitchen appliance repair Fairfax team by your side. Just like other appliances, these machines require regular inspection and maintenance as well. Ignoring or overlooking even the slightest problems is not worth losing customers and business. Therefore, considering the repairing tips outlined above, make a move as soon as you sense trouble.