Planning a wedding party during COVID-19

Planning a wedding party during COVID-19

Planning a wedding can be stressful on its own but planning it amidst a pandemic is even more stressful. It can be really hard to find decent wedding party rentals, especially keeping the current situation in mind. That is why to help you with your 2021 wedding, we have combined a few tips for you so that you can plan your wedding properly. Obviously with such an unexpected situation, it can be hard to know where to start your wedding planning from.

How to plan a wedding during COVID-19 pandemic

However, hopefully with the excitement of your wedding, you can forget about the pandemic for a while and focus on making your special day even more special.

Follow social media accounts and latest trends

You might not have a lot of people around you who have weddings to plan amidst a pandemic, but that does not mean you are the only one in the entire world. Follow suitable social media accounts to figure out how different wedding planners, bloggers and brands are dealing with the change of situation. Not only will their ideas and plans motivate you, but it will also help you figure out what you want your wedding to be like.

Such accounts will also share with your helpful tips that you can use for your planning. Moreover, you can also use these accounts along with Pinterest to create your own vision boards. Vision boards help you visualize how everything on your wedding look like. You can research different wedding dresses, flowers and décor, cake ideas and everything else that you can think of. Print out different images, cut them out and paste them to create a collage.

Divide your vision board into different categories so it is easy to access. Keep in touch with the latest trends while also looking out for what you want. With your wants and needs along with the ever-changing trends, you can turn your dream wedding into a reality.

Host zoom meetings and virtual wedding dress try-on

With everything going online due to the pandemic, why not take your bridal meetings and wedding dress try-ons online too? Due to social distancing, many brands have started offering virtual try on sessions. This way, you can see what your dress looks like and can easily choose your preferred dress. If you want to check the material, some brands also deliver samples to your home.

Similarly, for the meetings and updates on the wedding planning, interactions with the bridal party are very important. Host online zoom meetings to catch up with the bridal party and share your ideas. Not only is this a great way to stay updated and in touch with everyone, but it is also a great way to release stress.

Venues and guest lists

Due to the pandemic, a lot of people have postponed their wedding plans. This means that there will be more weddings happening in 2021 and hence venues, photographers, caterers etc. are all likely to be booked early. Therefore, to make sure you have everything available for your big day, book vendors earlier.

Similarly, make your guest lists earlier on so you know which venue will be more suitable according to the number of guests. This guest list will just be an estimate and you can always increase later. However, it will provide you a general idea of which venue to book.


These tips will hopefully get you through your wedding planning during covid-19. Keep on looking forward to the excitement your wedding day will bring after a long period of lockdown and social distancing. The key is to keep yourself motivated and make the best out of your situation. Moreover, don’t forget to arrange wedding tent rental packages MD just in time!