10 Best Review Sites

10 Best Review Sites

Many companies use an online review generator to get customer reviews. But to their surprise, there are a good number of websites where you can get customer reviews on your products and services.

Best customer feedback sites

Here we are listing some top websites that people rely on when it comes to reviews.

  1. Amazon

Everyone knows about Amazon. The company started three decades ago and now is one of the most valuable online stores. On Amazon, every customer can write or leave a review on the products they purchase and use. This way companies are spared from using an online review generator and they get honest reviews.

  1. Angie’s List

Here comes another popular review website for companies and businesses. The site is not free and the user get paid memberships for reviews. The companies also get customer reviews and that honest and credible. Moreover, the reviews are not fake, like most of the sites on the internet have. To get reviews here, you will set up your company page and request customers on Angie’s List to write reviews.

  1. Choice

This is one of the most credible review websites in Australia. So if you consumers in this country, this is going to be a great site for reviews. The Choice buys products, they test it, use it, compare with other products and brands and then they write their reviews based on how they found the products. They also add user guides for customers in order to help them in use.

  1. Trustpilot

This site is one of the fastest growing customer review websites. It was started in Denmark and has now expanded to over 65 countries including the US. The best thing about the site is the product reviews and seller reviews are written by the customers, without involvement of any third party. The companies can collect their product reviews from this site to display on their websites.

  1. Which?

This site is very similar to Trustpilot but there is one difference. Here on this site, the product reviews are written by the staff of the website and they don’t allow consumer reviews. However, customers are encouraged to share their reviews with the staff and that might be included in the final product reviews. There are thousands of products with the reviews so if you are looking to get reliable reviews, this site can be a great option.

  1. Yelp

If we list some top websites for reviews, Yelp will surely make to the list. It has become really popular throughout the world. Millions of products are added and customers leave reviews. Companies make their profiles with their products and the customers using their profiles write reviews. It is totally free and the business and the customers are not required to pay for getting and writing reviews. In future this site may become even more popular.

  1. Facebook Rating

Hardly a few people know that Facebook has its own platform where users can share reviews of their products and services or you can say that businesses can get customer reviews. The platform is known with the name of Facebook Ratings and Reviews. And this is growing rapidly becoming more popular among Facebook users. Businesses get free reviews and the customers share their honest reviews about products they buy and use.

  1. Yellowpages

This website of reviews is for all businesses. It has over 10 million US traffic every month, on average. The website has reviews for millions of products and services. If you have customers in the US and want to get reliable and honest reviews, this site can be of great help for such businesses. It has also an amazing ranking when it comes to a website ranking.

  1. TripAdvisor

It will be injustice to not mention this site when it comes to the best review websites. TripAdvisor is not for all but for people in restaurant, hotel, travel, airline, transport and the like industries. The site has over 225 million reviews of restaurants, hotels, places and airlines. People also share pictures when they write reviews and it is truly amazing.

  1. The Verge

If you are looking to read honest and technical reviews about gadget, cell phones, laptops, devices and other tools, The Verge is just matchless. This site is one of the best tech reviews websites that offers detailed, comprehensive and easy to understand tech reviews.

For keeping and managing reviews of your business, it is best to use a reliable software, an online review generator.