Why and When to prune your trees

Why and When to prune your trees

Basic information about the tree care can help the tree owners to understand the need of care for maintaining the health of their trees. Removing diseased, dead and damaged trees will not only increase the life span of the trees but also enhance their beauty. Tree pruning will encourage better growth of the tree and healthy trees will improve air circulation. Pruning can also be opted to reduce the height of the tree, removing storm damaged branches from trees, cutting obstructing lower branches and shaping tree for getting desired design.

Why to prune trees?

In any manner, tree pruning will beautify trees and thus ultimately improve outdoor aura. Pruning even aids trees to grow strong and appear neat and attractive. Though forest trees automatically nurture with only nature’s pruning process, landscape trees need a higher level of care for maintaining their integrity and aesthetics. That is why trees of your landscape requires regular tree pruning. Pruning can be accomplished with knowledge of tree biology. Improper pruning can make long lasting damage to the tree.

When to prune trees?

Dead, damaged and diseased branches of trees should be pruned as soon as possible. Otherwise, the most excellent time for tree pruning is during late winter and early spring. A few tree diseases, such as oak wilt, can augment when pruning wounds provide access to disease causing agents. Such trees should not be pruned during active transmission time.

Every season requires a different kind of pruning like summer tree pruning requirements are entirely different from the winter tree pruning requirements. Detailed knowledge of pruning techniques is needed for maintaining mature trees in a safe, healthy, and attractive condition.

Once you have decided to prune trees, your next decision may be whether or not to handle this job yourself. If you have large trees to prune you will have to remove big branches from the upper area of the tree which can require cleaning, dusting and cutting the trees from the height! If you are not scared of heights and ready to dedicate your entire weekend for tree care, you can do it your own! Otherwise, you can call tree pruning professionals MD for accomplishing this task for you.