Fight the eye allergy

Fight the eye allergy

Say bye- bye to eye allergy and infections

Eye allergy — red, watery and itchy eyes that occurs due to the same allergens which lead to running nose and sneezing during the seasonal allergy. The allergens can be small dust particles, pollens or even the pollutants present in the environment. It is not hard to get over the eye allergy and infections, anyone suffering from eye allergy can get over it, if they take proper care and precautions to avoid interaction with the allergens present in the environment. Sometimes the eye allergy is also caused due to reaction with cosmetic products or eye drops. In a few cases when its proper care is not taken, it can also lead to the eye infections like pink eye (conjunctivitis). However eye allergy and infection is not a thing to panic about as below are given some precaution measures that will help you to get over eye allergies and lead a fuzz free life.

What should you do to make it through eye allergy?

To get relief from the itching and irritating eyes you can take the following approaches:

1. Avoid encounter with allergens: The best way to prevent any sort of allergy is avoid encounters with the allergens as it is a wise saying that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pounce of cure”. You can avoid interaction with the allergens by staying indoors as much as possible and wearing sunglasses while heading out of the house.

2. Minimize the use of contacts: During the season of allergy you can minimize the chance of getting caught by an eye allergy by minimizing the use of contact lenses or if you are really habitual to the use of eye lens then you can also use the disposable lens which you can dispose after using once. This will help you to reduce the chances of catching any sort of eye allergy or infection.

3. Medication: You should definitely go for the prescribed medication by a allergy doctor to fight your eye allergy.

4. Clean eyes: Wash your eyes with water and artificial tear drop at least twice a day to keep your eyes clean this will help you to stay away from catching any sort of eye allergy or infection.

5. Avoid rubbing eyes: In case you feel any sort of irritation in your eyes, try and avoid rubbing your eyes. As rubbing your eyes can lead to spreading of infection and serious eye problem.