Tree Pruning – Focusing On Certain Seasonal Factors

Tree Pruning – Focusing On Certain Seasonal Factors

Hiring a certified tree pruning company MD will definitely minimize the resin and sap flow. For best results, get the job done during dormant season. Pruning of the tree must be done while being dormant so that the structure can be best judged while maximizing on the wound closure and eliminating excessive sap flowage. It also helps in reducing the spreading of diseases.

Requirement of dormant tree pruning

Flowering shrubs definitely require dormant pruning. In fact, those shrubs and trees that blossom during the early part of the spring require proper pruning immediate after flower comes out. There are quite a few flowering plants highly prone to bacterial diseases in plant like Fire Blight. These tree needs to get pruned only during the dormant season. Many flowering trees can be susceptible to fire blight, a bacterial disease, which can spread by pruning. Examples of such trees include different varieties of hawthorn, flowering quince, pear, crab apple, pyracantha, and mountain ash. Plants that flower during the fall or summer season, needs to be pruned during the dormancy period. On the other hand, there is absolutely no fixed season for the dead branches. They can be simply removed at any given time.

Benefits of tree pruning

Most of the fruit plants and trees will never get into the best of shape or form without appropriate pruning. If the tree is pruned properly, then there is higher chance of yielding higher quality fruits at the earliest possible stage. More importantly, they will start to enjoy a longer healthy life. The primary objective is to improve the health of the tree to support vast crop of fruit. Remember, if the trees are not properly pruned or trained, the branches will start to form an upright angle that may lead to damaging of the crops. This will also harm the overall productivity factor of the tree while ensuring shorten life cycle. Also, pruning of a plant, at least on an annual basis, is essential to get rid of broken, dead, and diseased limbs.

Difference in response

Trees usually respond in a different manner when the pruning takes place during summer in comparison to the dormancy period. During the fall season, tree stores energy in the trunk and root that helps in supporting the top section. When the pruning and branch removal is carried out during the dormancy period, energy process is not hampered. However, if pruning takes place during spring, tree will start to react by producing several energetic and upright shoots. These are commonly referred to as water sprouts that prevent positive development for the tree. When hiring a reputed tree contractor Chevy Chase, the professional will also highlight the same issue.