Tips when installing exterior stone veneer

Tips when installing exterior stone veneer

Homes made of stone and brick lend a timeless beauty. The stone veneer installation outside your home can not only add a fresh look, but is an excellent alternative to stucco from a design point-of-view.

Stone veneer installation

Selecting the right veneer –

There is a mind-boggling range of products available to select from for exterior wall veneer – faux stone to natural stone to brick. Faux stone is made in the factory and costs less than natural stone veneers. Natural stone veneers are thin stone that is made to fit together to create a natural stone wall. Both walls are strong and unique. On the other hand, the most common veneer is brick that is one wythe thick compared to masonry walls. It is attached to wooden frames and includes ventilation. Brick veneer can be used with natural stone veneer to give a striking and chic look.

Facing the harsh climate conditions –

The outdoor stone veneers will be exposed to rain, snow, etc. The edges need to be sealed properly, the grout line can develop cracks quickly allowing moisture to enter into the dried mortar. To prevent this disaster, a thick grout needs to be applied between the stones.

Highlighting the accents –

Though veneers can make a house stand out, many house owners prefer to mount it on an accent wall such as the front door or garage. This highlights the accented area. When renovating your house with stone veneer, remember that the veneer should complement the existing brick. Always carry a sample while selecting the color and texture of the veneer.

Recruiting an experienced professional –

Stone veneers are heavy and should be handled by experts. Mortar needs to mix the ingredients (washed sand and cement) well and achieve the right consistency to create an everlasting product. Corners are challenging, therefore, skilled professional can give it the right finish. The joints should be filled with a grout mixture. Whenever renovating a wall with stone veneer or building a new place with brick veneer, every aspect of design should be looked into. Details such as waterproofing and flashing should be given attention. Select a durable and attractive veneer that will not only fit your budget, but accentuate the exterior of your home.

Stone veneers are long-lasting, eye-catching and maintenance free. From selecting the best materials to the right landscape contractor, installing stone veneer should be ideally designed and well-executed. Remember these tips when installing stone veneer outside your home. lagra