The best tips for quartz kitchen countertops

The best tips for quartz kitchen countertops

Based on many reports, Quartz is perhaps one of the most widely bought materials for countertops. Most homeowners rank Quartz as the top 3 in their choice of countertops. With that, the popularity of quartz countertops continues to increase even further. The prime reason for this is the beauty, low maintenance, versatility, and durability of quartz tops.

Tips to install quartz countertops properly

In this article, we put together a number of tips related to proper installation of quartz countertops. In case you are planning to install these countertops on your own, this article is going to serve as a great guide for that.

Discuss everything

Once you have hired your preferred countertop installation company, start by discussing each and every detail with them. Quartz countertops are durable, stylish, and come in many colors. However, they are not as simple to install.

As a result of this, they are installed only by the most experienced installers. So, make sure that you have discussed everything with the installation company beforehand. Once the company knows the kind of results you are looking, they do a much better job at installing the countertop for you.

Make the space ready

The next step is to set the space up so that it is ready. Before you start with quartz countertop installation, make sure that the plumbing and electricity is roughed out. Furthermore, the walls should already be dry and painted, and the floor should be finished.

Preferably, the cabinets should also be installed already. This will ensure that the quartz countertop can installed in the most accurate way possible.

Schedule plumbing for the next day

In case you have an undermount sink, it is going to get attached to the bottom of the countertop via epoxy and clips. This is a process that takes 24+ hours. Hence, it is highly crucial that you schedule the plumbing a day after the countertop is installed.

No matter how much you want to use your countertop and sink right away, it is not practically possible. So, you have to wait a little so that all the requirements have been fulfilled.

Use a physical template

Drawing a picture of the cabinets to use as a reference is one thing. However, it is much more practice to have a template to follow. Templates are basically made of wooden strips that are laid alongside the counter area’s perimeter. These strips are then glued.

By taking notes about the edges, overhand, backsplash, sink size, curves, and other information can help you in customizing the countertop. So, make sure that you have provided all of these to your countertop installer beforehand.

Protect cabinets

To join the countertop with the cabinets, installers make use of adhesives. However, the adhesives sometimes flow to the cabinet’s face. So, before getting countertop installation, make use of painter’s tape to protect the face of your cabinets. This will prevent any adhesive that is dripping from contacting the cabinet.

Control the dust

Typically, there are two parts in a countertop that may be affected by dust and debris. Firstly, if there is dust in your countertops, it can settle on your counter and seams. So, make sure that the cabinets are properly cleaned out.

With that, dust can also sometimes generate from the installation. So, remove all sensitive equipment such as kitchen appliances away when you are installing the countertops.


The above-mentioned tips can help you a lot in the installation of your quartz kitchen tops Rockville. So, make sure that you have checked them all before you actually start installing your precious countertops. These tips will ensure that the operation is done smoothly without any complexities.