Are You Making These Grease Trap Mistakes?

Are You Making These Grease Trap Mistakes?

When grease accumulates in the grease trap or septic tank, terrible things happen. It is thus imperative to get help from some professional drain cleaning companies. However, if you want to keep your grease trap clean and functional all the time, following are the biggest grease trap mistakes to avoid:

Grease Trap Cleaning Mistakes

The biggest mistake that you do while washing the dishes is that you don’t scrape the food and waste from the dishes. If you want to minimize the waste products accumulation or grease in the grease trap, you must discard the food on the dishes before washing them.

If you own a commercial kitchen, you must train the staff to wipe and brush the plates and other dishes and throw the food into the garbage before putting them in the sink. This tip will help you in keeping the grease trap maintained and also prevent the pipes from being clogged.

Hot Flushing the Drains

Some people think that hot flushing the drains is a good solution to clean the grease traps. This is done by pouring boiling water into the drains where the grease trap is located. The idea behind this practice is that the hot water will liquefy the grease and other clogged materials from the drain. However, this is a big mistake as the hot water liquefies the grease and allows it to flow deeper into the drainage system. This can cause greater damage to the drainage system as the grease cools down again when it has gone deeper into the pipes and the area gets clogged. This will become a major issue but you can consult some good grease trap cleaning services to solve the issue.

Not Placing Strainers Over the Sink

Sink strainers play an important role in grease trap maintenance as they prevent the grease and food from going into the drains and causing problems. Strainers can keep the solid particles away and minimize the amount of grease that accumulates in the pipes. Though it is important to discard the food before washing the dishes, but keeping a strainer over the sink where the grease trap is located helps a lot.

Not Cleaning the Grease Trap Regularly

Grease trap maintenance requires consistency and that should be done in regular intervals. Drain cleaning companies do this task efficiently as they know about the exact cleaning schedules. In certain municipalities, there are particular laws for cleaning the grease traps because if they are not regularly cleaned they can clog the lines and cause trouble for the whole drainage system. Professional grease trap cleaning services are of great help as they clean the grease traps regularly according to the requirement. If you want to clean on your own, you must clean it when you see that the grease trap is ¼ filled with the FOGS (Fats, Oils, Grease, Solids).

Putting Strong Chemicals in the Grease Trap

This is another big mistake that people do while cleaning the grease traps. Strong chemicals, enzymes, and biological cleaners not only harm the pipes and drainage system, but they also aren’t effective in cleaning the grease traps. Grease traps need to be cleaned professionally by drain cleaning companies and they shouldn’t be experimented upon. Most of the kitchen owners do this mistake and make the task more complicated. Chemicals and enzymes don’t breakdown the grease, in fact they only separate them from water and this way the grease goes down and gets clogged in the drainage system.

Having a Garbage Disposal Above the Grease Trap

Garbage disposals are not meant to be installed above the grease trap because the small particles that go down from the disposal get accumulated in the grease trap. These particles create hurdles in the functionality of the grease traps and they clog them up.

Using the Wrong Size Grease Trap

The size of a grease trap should be chosen according to the kitchen usage. For example, if you have a commercial kitchen which has lots of customers to deal, lots of utensils and dishes to watch, and mostly fried items to deal with, you’ll need a large grease trap. Choosing a wrong grease trap can cause trouble and lead to improper functioning. You can discuss this when you’re getting grease trap cleaning services manhattan ny from a company.