Outdoor Fireplace Contractor – The Latest Trends You Should Know

Outdoor Fireplace Contractor – The Latest Trends You Should Know

If you wanted to build an outdoor fireplace, you must hire an outdoor fireplace contractor. However, before you should do that, you have to be aware of the latest trends first and these include the following:


This trend is classic. You have seen these several times with the clients selecting to clad their outdoor fireplaces with river stone while some have accented this design with wood. It is definitely a timeless approach and one that could bring rugged landscape into your city or highlights natural beauty of countryside.

Uber Modern

It isn’t the famous car sharing service. It’s the one that incorporates minimalism and modern concept in outdoor fireplaces. The bare concrete provides a fireplace a heavy look yet with the rise of the polished concrete kitchen countertops, it is expected that many designers would experiment with polished concrete finish to the fireplaces.

Spanish Flair

Alfresco might be an Italian word, yet some would surely argue that an outdoor entertainment is give a social flair by Spanish. This trend is very popular, particularly to the ones who are looking for something unique. It did not extend to landscaping styles, yet there’s a place for Mediterranean twist to a great outdoor fireplace.


It isn’t just a local coffee shop that could rock an industrial look unexpectedly. Many people have seen customers finish their fireplace chimney in metal cladding with rust adding reddish hue that offer an amazing pop of color. Industrial does not have to be dirty and cold like old warehouses. An interesting use of different man-made materials and clean lines can offer a finish that appears machine-hewn while tying in numerous materials that are the common feature of outdoor entertainment area.

Calm and Cool

It is amazing what paint colors could do to outdoor spaces. Nothing conveys cool, crisp like and calm like white finish. Reminiscent of the popular whitewashed homes hugging Aegean on the popular island of Santorini, a great white finish is a perfect addition to a townhouse or villa alike and makes an incomparable haven for elegant and exceptional relaxation.
Regardless of your taste in design, the most important thing you should remember is your needs and how you’ll use your outdoor fireplace. Through this, your hired masonry contractor Long Island can help you build the best outdoor fireplace ever suited for you and your whole family.