HVAC Installation Process Explained

HVAC Installation Process Explained

The HVAC installation process is a bit complicated and takes time. Depending on the house, it might take several days to complete the project including installing the vents and all that. Therefore, when it is time to do Mitsubishi AC installation, you should know what to expect. In this blog, we discuss the HVAC installation process in detail to learn what happens during the process.

Collecting Important Information

When it comes to HVAC installation, the first step involves collecting important information about the existing unit and how the new one will be installed. A technician will visit your house and go through the existing unit to have an idea about the materials and equipment needed to remove and install the new unit.

If you are replacing a decade-old unit, then it might be both easy and a bit complicated for the team to install the new unit. The reason is that newer HVACs are different from the old ones and need to be handled carefully. The reviewing process will also help them calculate an accurate estimate that is passed on to you as well as the team so that both parties are on the same boat.

The Arrival Of The Installation Team

Before the installation team arrives, the company will send you a picture of the team for safety and security purposes. When they reach you, one of them will explain major parts of the process and give you necessary information in a packet. This is basically a layout or plan to double-check and verify the information before the process begins. This also contains any particular information or set of instructions important for the installation process. Although the lead installer will verbally revise the information, it is important that you go through the information yourself as well. And while you are going through the info, the team will prepare to install the HVAC unit.

Out With The Old And In With The New

When it is time to remove the existing HVAC unit, the refrigerant must be first removed. It is illegal to disperse the refrigerant in the open air. A recovery machine and recovery tank are used to remove the gas. Furthermore, the individual carrying out the process should have an EPA certification.

Once the existing HVAC unit has been removed, the existing location will require a bit of prep work before the new HVAC unit is installed. Since new air conditioners tend to be larger and taller than their predecessors, special consideration should be given to the condition of the installation area. Sometimes the ground is found sunk as well. Therefore, before setting a new pad for the HVAC unit, the ground must be leveled.

Removing The Existing Indoor Evaporator Coils

The indoor evaporator coil usually sits above the furnace although sometimes it can also be found below it. The indoor evaporator coils tend to have two variations. One happens to be cased while the other encased. Either way, the sheet metal plenum must be disconnected before a new coil can be installed. However, if the access happens to be restricted, the job can turn quite complicated.

Installation Of The New Indoor Evaporator Coil

When it comes to installing a new evaporator coil for an HVAC unit, there are two options, cased or uncased. The right option is to use a cased coil as it has an insulated cabinet that gives access to the coil inside through the removable panels.

Furthermore, the cased coil is also designed in a way to allow for easy HVAC maintenance and repairs. And perhaps the biggest advantage of using a cased oil is that it is made by the manufacturer itself, which reduces the chances of issues. It is something that you simply cannot go wrong with.

Once the complicated part is done, proceed with installing the wires, installing the refrigerant and filter driers, etc., and close the unit.

Final Word

The HVAC installation process might look complicated but for HVAC repair services Smithtown, it is as easy as it gets. However, do not think of shortcuts and saving money during installation. A good HVAC team will be expensive but will ensure a professional job that will last for years.