Find out If Artificial Disc Replacement is Right for You

Find out If Artificial Disc Replacement is Right for You

TDR or Total disc replacement surgery was mainly developed to address the problem with spinal fusion surgery. The fusion surgery could create the adjacent segmental degeneration. The surrounding discs and spinal joints of the fused area are typically tend to be the premature wear, so that, fusion could be set up a stiff segment in the spine. We know this surrounding segment of the spine is responsible for motion as well as shock absorption.

What is disc replacement?

Spinal discs can be referred as cushions because this part of the spine performs to absorb the shock of the vertebrae which is created from all the impacts involves with our daily activities.  It helps in the flexibility and movement of the spinal column. There is a strong and fibrous jelly found in our spinal disc surrounded by the outer material. With our aging, due to wear out of the jelly can create a severe lower back pain. The disc replacement surgery actually replaces this worn out disc with something which cannot be worn out or be affected by any other discs. The end result of the surgery that everyone wants, no more pain.

Today’s updated disc replacement technology has offered an alternative to the surgery of the spinal fusion. Before going to artificial disc replacement, most of the people need to spend some time at least six months on back braces, medication and physical therapy. If you will become unsuccessful on these procedures, you will consider the surgery procedure. In surgery process, an incision will be made near your belly. The damaged disc will be removed and new disc will be inserted.


There are two types of artificial disc replacement surgery such as cervical (neck) and lumbar (back) surgery. The disc not only removes pain but also helps in proper flexibility and mobility of the neck and back. Beside its high success, the disc replacement surgery also has some disadvantages.


  • First, it is not assured that surgery procedure will totally remove the pain, sometime this surgery procedure can make your back or neck pain worse.
  • Second due unsuccessful surgery procedure, spontaneous ankylosis can be developed which is known as the ossification of the surrounding tissue of the operated vertebrae.


Apart from this, replacement disc surgery by orthopedic doctor woodbridge va comes with lots of risks, including infection, bleeding, and instrument breakage and nerve damage. The replacement surgery might save surrounding discs from any early degeneration.