Design tips for your stone veneer projects

Design tips for your stone veneer projects

There is n doubt that bricks and stones are the best part of a home. They offer great beauty, regardless of the size of the house. A long with that, sone veneer goes with almost everything. But to get the highest quality, make sure that you are reaching out to the best stone veneer contractors.

When it comes to the design tips regarding stone veneer, every small thing matters a lot. For instance, the best contractor, the right stone, and the right design are all equally important. If one of these things begins deficient in your project, the result will not be what you expect.

Design tips for stone veneer projects

So in this article, we will discuss some important design tips that will help your stone veneer project become a success.

Choosing the right stone veneer

When it comes to stone veneer, there is a wide range of products that you can choose from. These include manufactured stone or faux stone. Some of these stones are made by the factory. They cost you much lesser.

Basically, stone veneer is a very thin stone that fits together with attachments on the corner. This creates a look like the natural stone such as granite. Furthermore, each stone veneer wall will look very unique and will be very strong.

Furthermore, some designers may also consider putting together various types of stone veneers. For instance, two different store veneers when put together, can bring a lot of character and soul in your designs. Similarly, it can make your entire wall look very striking.

Standing out

Many owners want stone veneer installed on accent wall in the front of the garage. Mostly, they prefer to put it somewhere where the people can see it. When you are dealing with stone veneer, it is important to know which type of stone will go with the existing structure.

Consider taking along a sample with you to the shop when you are buying stone veneer. This will help you in figuring out the right choices. Furthermore, it will also give your stone veneer contractor the right perspective. Overall, it will allow you to choose the best material that can stand out.

Hire a professional

This is one of the most important things and we cannot really stress a lot on it. When it comes to stone veneers, you must always hire the most reputed professionals. You see, working with stone veneers is not as easy as it sounds. Hence, it is something that you simply cannot handle it yourself. Rather, let a masonry contractor handle it.

Why? Well that is because stone veneers are expensive and heavy. Furthermore, they must also be installed the right way. Otherwise, it puts the entire project at a risk. For instance, you will have to mix the mortar very well and use the right consistency. Otherwise, the entire look will be ruined.

In other words, putting together a stone veneer wall is not something for a beginner or a layman. Rather, it is something that only the experienced professionals can do. So, we suggest you take special care when hiring a professional.


We hope that you now know the most important things to consider when getting a stone veneer project done. Whether you are retouching and existing wall or building a new stone veneer wall, these tips are going to ensure maximum value.

But at your end, you must take care of some things too. For instance, the quality of the product and the service that you hire matters a lot. So, always choose the best masonry contractors Long Island for your project, if you want the highest value.