Best energy efficient central air conditioners

Best energy efficient central air conditioners

If you are looking for ways to save yourself from intense heat of the summers or cold waves of the winters then make sure to choose energy efficient air conditioners. Usually, an air conditioner has a life span of 15 to 20 years. Using them after this period of time might avoid the expense of buying a new one but definitely increases the monthly utility bills. Therefore, if you really want to save money then consider buying energy efficient central air conditioners. To get the best air conditioning deal, follow some of the basic tips that are discussed in subsequent paragraphs.

Tips to buy best energy efficient central air conditioners

While buying any air conditioning unit, make sure to check the EER (Energy Efficiency Rating).It should be 11.6 or more. This rating indicates thermal expansion valve and high temperature efficiency of the unit. A high EER indicates better efficiency during hot weather conditions. Avoid buying too big or too small central air conditioning units. Small units needs to be run for a longer duration to keep the place cool and increases utility bill and leads to damage to the parts. On the other side, a bigger unit fails to eliminate the humidity levels due to quick cycles. Therefore, the accurate size of air conditioning system ensures good performance and reduces energy consumption. In order to choose best energy efficient air conditioners that suits your home or office requirements, contact professional HVAC contractors.

Look out as if the air conditioning units is fitted with a variable speed air handler and an automatic-delay fan switch. A variable speed air handler reduces energy consumption and facilitates proper air circulation. An automatic delay fan switch placed on the air conditioner stops the fan after the compressor is stopped. This helps the remaining air to circulate on the indoor coil before the fan stops. The provision of check filter light feature helps to check the unit’s filter after the designated operating hours are over.

All these basic tips help a lot to buy best energy efficient air conditioners for your home or office. As far as the maintenance is concerned, you can contact a well known air conditioning service and repair store for help. To get a reliable advice, always choose an AC contractor that offers licensed and insured services. Home owners should consider customer service and company reviews to choose the best heating and air Conditioning Company.