9 Ways On How To Lower Heating Cost

9 Ways On How To Lower Heating Cost

As soon as the winter season arrives, furnace services are required for better performance of the system. Below are some tips that can help you in lowering the total heating cost.

Lower the Thermostat

As per a research, it has been found out that if you run your heating system at lower temperatures, you are likely to save around 13% of your total electricity bill. To save this much cost on heating, set the thermostat at 68 during the day and 55 at nighttime.

Dress Warm

The best and easiest way to lower the heating cost is to add layers of warm clothes on your body during the daytime. Take out your warm jackets, socks, pants and sweatshirts and wear them in the daytime. In this way, you would not feel much cold and won’t require electrical heat to warm you up.

Cover your feet with warm socks to keep your feet warm because colder feet make your whole body feel cold. If you have free time and feeling cold lying on the sofa, take a warm blanket and curl up in it. Dressing warmer would cut a surprisingly great amount from your total electricity bill.

Have a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is possibly the best way to cut heating cost because you can turn the system on and off or change the thermostat depending on the inner environment which prevents the unwanted use of it and hence making it much energy-efficient and cost-saving. You can also lower the temperature of the system when no one is at home. Along with regular heating system repairs, using thermostats rightly would lower your bills.

Let the Sunshine Enter Your House

Take as much advantage of sunshine as you can by letting it inside your house. Open those curtains and make way for sunshine to enter and as the night comes, close the curtains and trap the heat from the sun into your house.

Fix the Leaks

Look for cracks and leaks in every door and window of your house to prevent the inner heat from escaping out and letting the outer cool air to sneak inside. Fix the leaks and cracks immediately as you find them.


Another easy way to save cost on heating is to jump out of bed/sofa when you are feeling cold and start doing some cardio workout. Cardio exercises would help you in burning calories, increasing your body temperature and making you feel less cold. You would instantly feel a change in your body temperature as soon as you start working out. Not only this, but exercising would also help you in getting into better shape and stay healthier.

Seal the Vents of Unused Rooms

If you have some rooms in your house that are used once in a blue moon such as storerooms and guest rooms then make sure you seal the vents of those rooms because if you don’t, those useless rooms would be heated as well. After closing the vents of those rooms, make a way for the air to the rooms that you use the most. This is a great tip to save a lot of money on the cost of heating every year.

Clean Vents and the Furnace

Having blocked and dirty can cause troubles in heating that would ultimately lead to costly repairs. So, ensure that you keep the vents and furnaces clean so that they work perfectly. Moreover, you should do the furnace service at least once a month for optimum efficiency. Also, don’t forget to check the air filters for clogs and clean immediately if they are dirty.

Get Your House Insulated

If you don’t have your house insulated then what are you doing with your life till now? Contact some professionals and get your house insulated properly so you won’t have to hurt your wallet frequently because the inner and outer air keeps on leaving and entering your house through leaks and cracks. Invest in home insulation once and get relieved for a longer period of time.

Instead of spending so much money on heat pump repair services McLean every winter, follow these simple tips and cut a tremendous amount from the bills every year. If your system is beyond repair, get your system replaced for lower bills.