8 Ways To Ask Customers To Leave Reviews For Your Car Dealership

8 Ways To Ask Customers To Leave Reviews For Your Car Dealership

It is no secret that happy customers seldom leave reviews and it is only the disgruntled ones who use the review section on a company’s website as a platform to voice their dissatisfaction. Though you should use review generation software for online review management, you should learn ways to ask for reviews. Here’s how!

Make It Easy For Customers To Leave A Review On Your Website

Make use of technology features like site cookies to differentiate first time visitors from past customers, and prompt the latter for review about their last experience right on the front page. Greeting them with a text box and an invitation to put their thoughts out will take away the hesitation from the process of leaving reviews, and compel the customer to comply with your request for feedback.

Let Them Experience The Results For A While Before Prompting

A lot of the time, asking the customer for a review when they have not even had the chance to test how good of a deal they have gotten or their purchase irks them. A good practice is to wait a few days so as to ensure that they have gotten a good feel of how the car operates under their possession, and then remind them to leave a review via either email or text.

Reply To Each And Every Review To Let Them Know They Matter

Customers want to feel like what they say matters and that their words are not just falling on deaf ears. That goes for both positive as well as negative reviews. By making it a point to address each negative pointed out and thank the reviewer for each praise they shower you with, gives off the impression that you are the kind of dealership who really takes what customers have to say to heart, and therefore attracts more people to leave a review about their experience.

Go To Where Customers Are Instead Of Them Coming To You

The only time customers visit the site of a car dealership is when they are looking for something, and once they have made the purchase, it makes little sense for them to want to visit you again. So what can you do about that? Go to where they usually hang out instead: social media, placing ads or sites they frequently visit or emails. That way, they would feel like you are going out of your way to want to know how they feel, and be more motivated to write a review.

Give Incentives To Customers Who Leave Reviews On The Site

As a car dealership, there are quite a few incentives that you can afford to give away in return for a positive review by one of your past clients. The expenses incurred in putting such a plan to action will be recouped over many times if just one customer comes to you as a result of this positive review left by the customer.

Have Them Rate Different Aspects Of Your Service On A Form

It is no secret that customers today have really short attention spans, and so writing a online review is not something a lot of people will be excited about. For such people, you can make the process not only easy but interactive by giving them a form where they just have to tick the right answer or give a score.

Present It As A Way Of Helping Out Others In The Same Boat

Good people want to be helpful to fellow customers, and so if you ask for reviews in a way that it seems you are requesting them to help out another person in need, they are more likely to comply.

By following the above tips, we are hopeful that you will be able to attract satisfied customers into giving you a favorable rating not just on your site, but also third-party user review aggregators like yelp and better business bureau. The importance of such reviews in this day and age cannot be overstated, as customers today are extremely picky with their short attention spans, and with so many choices about, your online reputation can make all the difference between them coming to you or going off to a competitor. Also, use a review management system to make sure that all your hard work counts, because in the end, it is the customer who makes a business.