8 Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips To Remember

8 Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips To Remember

As most of the homeowners living in sunny areas happen to have swimming pools in their backyard, proper pool maintenance is needed in order to keep everything in perfect shape. Proper pool maintenance can help you in many ways. Let’s see what swimming pool builders advise when it comes to pool maintenance.

Keep the Chemicals in Check

Depending on the weather, and your usage of the pool, you should check the chemical balance of your pool. Test the chemistry of your pool at least once a week. The ideal pH range of a pool is between 7.2 to 7.8. Lower the pH, lower the amount of chlorine that your pool will need. As the pH of your pool water increases, the chlorine becomes less active.

Keep the Lint Pot Clean

There is a lint pot located next to the pump of your backyard swimming pool. You should clean the lint pot around once or twice in a month. Before starting, turn off the pump and release the pressure. You should also clean the debris removal system (if there is any). Multi speed pumps can help you a lot in decreasing the maintenance need for the pool.

Check Chlorinator

If you have a chlorinator associated with the pool, you should keep checking it in regular intervals for possible clogging. If the chlorinator is working properly, it should keep adding the needed amount of chlorine into the pool on a regular basis.

Clean the Filters

You can regularly keep inspecting the pool filters and see when they need to be cleaned off any debris. In the very start, you should invest in quality filters, because they need to be cleaned only once or twice a year. The filters usually need to be cleaned after every heavy storm, or depending on the overall weather condition in your area. But under normal circumstances, cleaning the pool every 6 months/ twice a year should be enough.

When cleaning the filters, use gloves, a can, and add some acid to water for effective cleaning. After cleaning the filters, rinse them with clean water and let them dry before using again. Save the supplies, as they can be used again and again.

Check Ozonator

Ozonators are also used by the homeowners with pools. When running a pool maintenance check, make sure that the Ozonator is up and running, and its light is on. Ozone and UV can decrease the total amount of chlorine that your pool uses. There are several types of ozonators available in the market, you should at least be aware of the working process of your Ozonator.

Keep the Water Level in Check

The water level in your pool shouldn’t be too high or too low, as this can decrease its overall performance. If the pool water level is too low, it can cause the pump to break down, and if it is too high, it will prevent the skimmer door from working properly. The skimmer door functions by keeping the debris in the skimmer.

Clean the Skimmer Baskets

You should be cleaning the skimmer baskets on a weekly basis. The skimmer is located on one side of the pool, and it skims the upper layer of water to prevent the debris from over-saturating the pool’s upper surface. Good skimmers can effectively keep all the surface debris away.

There is an access panel in the skimmer which you can open to access the skimmer basket. You should clean this basket once a week.

Check Chlorine Generator

If you happen to have a no-chlorine pool, then you must have a chlorine generator too alongside the other components mentioned above. The main purpose of a chlorine generator is to generate chlorine so that you won’t have to buy it. However, you will have to pay upfront for this convenience, and there are certain risks involved too.

The apparatus must be kept perfectly clean, and the chemistry of your pool has a big part to play here. You shouldn’t add too much salt in the pool. For its proper working, you must know how it actually works. It might be a bit costly, but it’ll improve your pool experience.

These were some of the most common pool maintenance tips that every pool owner should follow. You should also contact your in ground pool builder Long Island to tell you about best pool maintenance practices. lagra